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The way I understand it an informed consent is when the MD explains the risks/ benefits of an invasive procedure to the pt/ representative and the nurse's only legal obligation is to witness that the pt consents to the... Read More

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    If i was told to get the consent, (My first thought is the physician has explained the procedure), i go into the pt's room and ask if the pt has explained, if he says yes and repeats what was told, if it sounds right then ok if it doesnt, i might further ask, do you understand what would be done with the risks and do you agree, if they say no they dont understand, id call the physcian to reexplain. But for the most part the nurses do not get consents at out place except in the OR and thats after seeing the physician talking to the pt.

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    This whole issue of "informed" consent has been a bit of a bug for me for many years. One of our heart surgeons used to document that the risks and benefits of the surgery had been thoroughly explained to the patient. Now this was heart surgery - about as big a deal is it gets. I'd heard him do that "thorough explanation" many times and it went like this: "Your cardiologist has referred you for bypass surgery. It's a big operation, there is some risk, but we think it's the best thing for you."
    Yup - thoroughly explained. I was the patient educator who would actually explain to patients what was going to happen. But I always bounced questions about risk and alternatives back to the doctors.
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    And it does not have to be a nurse who witnesses the consent. Anyone in the room can witness the consent--by witnessing, that person is not saying they understand the procedure and risks, they are not saying the physician properly explained the procedure/risks...the witness is just saying that the pt's/guardians signature is actually their signature.

    The RN cannot obtain consent for the procedure because they cannot adequately explain the procedure/risks and answer the pt's questions re: procedure/risks. Must be done by the provider.

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