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Its funny when I am at work and I say to a MD, "I have OI." and they say "...and ur a NURSE?!" OI is not necessarily a death sentence. Yes OI plagues my family but we have type I, so we have normal height (I'm 5' 4 1/2", my dad... Read More

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    Quote from noahsmama
    Whether a person with OI can live a normal life or not depends on the type of OI. The OP has Type 1, which is the mildest type. Type 2 is the most severe type. So, I believe what your instructor told you was not wrong for the patient you were working with at the time.
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    Often people will ask if either my daughter or I take calcium supplements. However, calcium does not help as the problem is with the collagen in the bones and tissues. There are some doctors that believe Vitamin C could help with OI.

    A sign of OI is blue sclera. (The whites of the eyes are blue.) Also, our skin can be somewhat transparent.

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