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    I don't change needles now, because the TB syringe has a nonremovable needle, but I hate "Blue Belly". I'm going to try the 3 cc syringe and 28 gauge needle. Thanks for the info. We are using prefilled Lovenox syringes as well, which are supposed to be injected into the "love handles", per the rep. Like you can find "love handles" on a little 80 pound lady. Ha! Ha!:chuckle
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    Just a note: When drawing up from ampules you should always use a filter needle and change it before injecting the patient so that there is less of a chance of a stray shird of glass being injected with the medicine...At least that was what I was taught. I have had problems at some hospitals obtaining filter needles. The response I get is "We don't do that any more"
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    definitely change the needle with heparin, we hardly use heparin anymore we either use lovenox or fragmin nowadays

    debbyed-- you are correct ,the correct way to draw up from an ampule is with a filter needle.

    ok i got a question for you where is lovenox SQ given?
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    Mark, SQ lovenox is given in the abdominand don't remove the air bubble.

    I always draw heparin in a 3 cc syringe with a 20 ga needle and then change to a 25 ga 5/8'th I do the same with sickel cellers cuz nobody wants to be stuch with a dull needle (our heparin is in a palastic bottle with a rubber top, somtime narcs are too). I started using 3 cc's when i had a sq needle pop off the small tuberculin syringe when i pushed it in and got heparin splashed in my eye. Our insuin syringes are fixed needle.
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    Excellent posts. Routinely give heparin 5000 units sq BID to patients. Draw up using a tb syringe & don't change needles.

    I routinely inject the heparin into abdomen or thigh sq -- depends on the surgical site, etc. Any preference?
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    As a peds nurse, I don't give too many heparin sub-q's. We tend to use Insufflon catheters for any recurring sub-q injections like heparin, G-CSF and erythropoetin; it then gets changed once a week and prn. We get the odd teenager post MVC who will get the abdominal heparin, for whom I would change the needle once the med's drawn up.

    It is our hospital policy that all meds drawn up from ampules be drawn up with a filter needle, but I seem to be in the minority for doing it. Our nursing assistants look at me funny when I ask for more...
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    I'm in research now, so I don't administer meds. But when I did, I would always change the needle when giving Lovenox. Those needles are DULL.