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I'm a Dec 2012 new grads. As soon as I passed the board in Feb, I sent out tons of resume applying for jobs. I got my first interview from a skilled nursing facility about 10 days ago and was hired on spot for part time. I'm just... Read More

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    Maybe it was a good thing you didn't get the job? Sounds like you already have a lot on your plate since you already have a new RN position plus a family business. I would just chalk it up to a good experience with interviewing. I do know how you must've felt tho during the peer interview. I also felt like I was being graded during an interview since after I answered each question they all wrote things down. Very intimidating to say the least.

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    Sorry to hear that you did not get the position

    I know I am seeing this posting late!!

    Sounds like a very stressful surprise peer interview. I'm glad you were willing to share your experience, now, both you and all of us can learn from your experiences.

    Best of luck with your current position. Best of luck with your career and any future job searches you may have!

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