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I'm a new grad and was offered a phone interview for a NICU position. After that they immediately scheduled an in person interview and a job shadow. I want this job so bad! The in person interview and shadow was on a Thursday anyone know what a good timeframe is to wait before following up?

I am about to have an interview tomorrow. Any tips?? Exciting you get to have an in person interview! 

Good luck!! In scenario questions pay close attention to medication dosage. But other than that just stay calm and think clearly 😊

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It's always good to show that you're interested. Follow up now if you haven't already and if they don't have an answer, ask them when they think they'll be able to get back to you. If they don't give an answer to that question, ask them when you should check in with them. Also, I always tell my first choice job that they are my first choice and I am waiting to hear from them before I reply to other offers. If there is a time crunch for me, I let them know. Employers appreciate direct communication. 

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