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I recently graduated from nursing school and passed my NCLEX in jan. I started applying in my last semester of nursing school and the feedback I was getting from these places was to wait longer as they were not going to hire until closer to graduation/ NCLEX exam date. I have now completed both those obstacles and thought I would be smooth sailing now. But, I have not been able to really find anything that will give me a chance. I don't know what else to do. I have been applying to EVERYTHING. I cant find any new grad programs right now and I want to begin my career. Any advice? I am in the Dekalb/ Aurora IL area. 

Specializes in Postpartum/Public Health.

Hi abrn38, 

Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding a job. Have you had a chance to ask someone to review your resume? You have to make sure you're really highlighting the keywords, and make sure the resume isn't too long!

Feel free to review this resource to help with your resume: Creating a Resume with One Year Experience - Career Advice: Ask Nurse Beth ( 

I do find many hospitals hire during certain months of the year, and they do take a while to reach out. Be patient, you can also try calling the units to ask to speak to the manager of the unit, so you can bypass HR and get to the hiring source. Best of luck! 

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