Interview today did i blow it

  1. I interviewed today for PACU position and nervous I blew it she only has. 3 question for me was very casual and she spent most of interview speaking about hospital and pacu and what's upcoming. I'm nervous about this change in general it's a little pay cut but day shift and new expirrence am I crazy I can't sleep. Freaking out . Any thoughts
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  3. by   missnurse01
    good luck! you never know
  4. by   atlnurse477
    Just dwell on positive thoughts! I believe in law of attraction, it might work for you too!Best of luck!
  5. by   vapont
    How do you know you ruined it? Can I ask what hospital it was?
  6. by   Genista
    Fingers crossed for you! Good luck
  7. by   HouTx
    Sounds like it was someone with not a clue as to how to conduct an interview - LOL! I have taught this "skill" in management classes for a long time and one of the things I tell participants is "you should be talking less than the candidate you're interviewing". My organization uses a behavioral interview structure, so it's a more consistent process with better outcomes.

    Don't worry. That type of "interviewer" considers it a success if you're a good listener and pay rapt attention to everything they say...
  8. by   jujubeee
    Yah I'm curious as to why you think you blew it. Good luck nonetheless!
  9. by   2boysmomma
    Oh my gosh I had a very similar interview today. I felt like I hadn't said enough for her to get a feel for who I am. I kept waiting for the interview part to start and the next thing I knew she was talking about contacting references. It's a weird feeling indeed. Did they say when you can expect to hear back? Wishing you luck
  10. by   piggypop
    I think it sorta depends on what exactly you said and how you felt. If you said a few positive things and she was explaining positive things, I wouldn't think you were doomed.

    If things go a step further, before taking the job I'd ask to shadow someone and get a feel for the nurses do on a normal day. (As a nursing student I had a chance to observe a PACU unit, and I thought it was a nice place to work within the hospital. c: ) But if you're so nervous, you definitely want a good feel for what it'll be like--it's what you'll be doing!

    The above advice can be used if you happen to look at other jobs too.