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    Hello all...

    Recently I interviewed at an eye surgery center. I went in for the initial interview and met the head nurse and office manager. It went great and was promising. I got a call to come back to meet another nurse. apparently it's a small place and want to make sure we all get along and like each other. understandable. So I went back and had a brief conversation with this very nice nurse who just wanted to meet me. Then I got a call back because the doctors had to meet me before they can hire me. So I get there and only one out of three is there. So I meet him and all is well. Before I leave the original head nurse tells me that she likes me and that it looks very promising for me and that they won't make me come back to meet the other doctors. I got a call back because one of the other doctors wanted to meet me before they hire me. OK. this makes four trips but I want the job badly so I oblige. As I'm leaving the fourth trip they tell me they will be in touch.

    NEVER got a call back.

    WAHHHH!!! I thought after making four trips I would get an offer on the spot but NOOOO I don't even get a call back. UNBELIEVABLE. Am I being ridiculous here or are they?

    Would love to hear about your experience in interviews as well!

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    I interview rather poorly because I sometimes have a restricted affect, speak with a monotone voice, and some of the most bizarre things come out of my mouth due to stage fright. I get totally nervous while being interviewed. Although I'm very interested in the position, I sometimes come across to the interviewer as uninterested or indifferent.
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    How long ago was this interview? Did you get a rejection letter?
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    Ugh i hate the whole interviewing process! When my mom got hired, (back in the real nursing shortage), the facility actually interviewed her and her friend together. My mom felt that her friend did wonderful, and she did horrible. Fast forward 10+ years later, mom still works there and her friend quit after 4months. So i hope hiring managers give all people a chance. Sometimes the person who interviews great is just really good at bs'ing.

    It gets to me that some people just dont interview good (myself), but i truly dont feel that its a good representation of myself. I believe i handle myself professionally in all other conversations, but something happens during interviews, no matter how prepared i am, that i speak mumbo jumbo.

    Anyways, ive also had other negative interview situations. I was called back for a 2nd interview, only to be told in the first 5seconds- oh your a new grad. Were not interested. I was so discouraged! The previous interviewer knew i was new and noted it in red pen on my application so why i was called for that 2nd one beats me.

    Keep your head up! Its almost like a right of passage. I do know that my anger from that situation really motivated me to go out and get a job, and i finally did. Im sorry you had this experience and wish you luck in the future!
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    What!? I find that strange. Did you follow up? I am so curious as to what they'd say.
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    well it has only been about a week since i was last there but they have always been very quick to call back for each visit. i called three days after the last interview and left a message and still have heard back five days later. maybe im too quick to complain and ill get a call this week but since they have been so quick in the past that's why im upset over it. i just hope i get a call back to at least tell me either way! i deserve that.
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    and i am a different person in interviews as well. i say the wrong things alot and always leave thinking why didn't you say this or ask that. its so frustrating! and in the third interview i met one of the doctors and i said something totally stupid (he was very intimidating) and i totally BLUSHED! so humiliating.
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    Quote from kwest99
    and i am a different person in interviews as well. i say the wrong things alot and always leave thinking why didn't you say this or ask that. its so frustrating! and in the third interview i met one of the doctors and i said something totally stupid (he was very intimidating) and i totally BLUSHED! so humiliating.
    I get so nervous too and say the dumbest things! I try to make a mnemonic for things I'd like to remember to say or point out, or write them out on a piece of paper with some other info. It helps so you can remember to sell yourself. I did that for my last interview and got the job. Now, the one before I made a total fool out of myself! All I could think about why I loved nursing was patient outcomes (seeing them get better) and that I am special because I'm so passionate. Didn't mention at all my relevant experience, I'm bilingual, top of my class, very upbeat etc. I feel like you have to definitely strategize going in there.
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    A couple months ago I had a phone interview with HR from Molina (insurance company). The position was for case management. I couldn't tell how well I did because on the phone you can't pick up facial expressions, etc. After the interview the HR person said "We'll let you know if we are going to proceed with more interviews". I didn't hear anything but about a month later I saw the job reposted. That was my answer, so I forgot about it. About 2 1/2 months later, I got an email from HR saying that they have excluded me and are looking into other candidates. Geez, I hate to work there if it takes that long for them to make any decisions!!
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    I'd do the follow-up call to thank them for their time. If you only met with some of the docs they could be waiting for the other doc before they make their decision or have another interview lined up.

    My teacher pulled some strings and got me an interview at a peds office within the largest healtcare group in the area. I interviewed with the office manager, nursing supervisor, and doc that founded the practice. The office manager told me that I'd come back Monday (this was a Thursday) to start shadowing the nurse and called the HR department to let them know I was on my way and to "fast-track" me through the hiring process. I went to the HR department, filled out all the paperwork (even tax forms!), and they scheduled my orientation for the next class. I was on my way home and got a phone call from the office manager that they'd given the job to the person who interviewed right after me because she had more experience. I was crushed--all that paperwork and being given the job, only to have it yanked out from under me 2 hours later.

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