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Hello all... Recently I interviewed at an eye surgery center. I went in for the initial interview and met the head nurse and office manager. It went great and was promising. I got a call to come back to meet another nurse.... Read More

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    Quote from T-Bird78
    I'd do the follow-up call to thank them for their time. If you only met with some of the docs they could be waiting for the other doc before they make their decision or have another interview lined up.

    My teacher pulled some strings and got me an interview at a peds office within the largest healtcare group in the area. I interviewed with the office manager, nursing supervisor, and doc that founded the practice. The office manager told me that I'd come back Monday (this was a Thursday) to start shadowing the nurse and called the HR department to let them know I was on my way and to "fast-track" me through the hiring process. I went to the HR department, filled out all the paperwork (even tax forms!), and they scheduled my orientation for the next class. I was on my way home and got a phone call from the office manager that they'd given the job to the person who interviewed right after me because she had more experience. I was crushed--all that paperwork and being given the job, only to have it yanked out from under me 2 hours later.
    How awful! I would be devastated.

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    wow thats awful that they would basically give you the job and then change their minds. that's how i felt as well! the nurse told me she wanted to hire me but had to speak with the doctors and i never heard from them again... guess the doctors didn't like me :/

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