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Calling All Newbies! As a newly hired informatics nurse, I've been perusing the website and reading similar stories about graduate programs, job searching, learning the role, etc. I'd like to start a network of new informatics... Read More

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    Quote from jennysey
    This couldn't be further from the truth. As hospitals are racing to meet Meaningful Use requirements, Nurses with tech experience are at a high demand! In addition, the installation of an EMR is only the tip of the iceberg. It is the upkeep of evidence-based medicine, Clinical Decision Support and training that will be where we can help the most. I would not be looking for a job with vendors. Instead, we need to be the agents of change that propose Clinical Informatics Departments to do the research involved in keeping our EMRs relevant, safe and cost-effective.
    I need all the resources and networking to expand my skills in informatics. I advocate for patient safety with the use of HIT.

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    How long have you guys done bedside nursing before you transitioned to informatics?
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    For me it was 12.5yrs
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    I am late, but I am in
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    I plan to start a nursing informatics master's program this fall, but I am having a tough time deciding what to do. There is a great school nearby that offers a master's in information systems (non-nursing), and I am highly considering going. I just don't know if this degree will help me because it's more involved in the IT world, or hinder me because it's not a nursing degree. I currently have a bachelor's in nursing and no IT experience.
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    I recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Nursing Informatics. I have been working as a nurse for two years and I have been looking for an informatics job for a few months now. Most employers would like five to seven years of experience. Informatics is a great field and I hope that this will change.
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    I'll be starting my MSN in NI in September... I'd love to see what kind of network could be developed
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    I totally agree with everything you said!!!! I have a friend that just graduated in NI and cant get a job. Been an ICU nurse for years and went to school for IN and its just not out there, anymore. But they did use her for that one week too help train the Doctors, until everybody was up too speed. Then sent her right back to ICU. SMH so sad.
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    I think the ability to find a job hinges on two things (when you have no IT experience....). 1. What is the job market in your area?? If there are few positions it will be much more difficult. 2. What does your résumé look like? I geared mine for my experience as a super user, and positive things about computers in your experience. I was able to get a job with 13 yrs of nursing experience and my BSN, but it really helped that they were desperate.... I had 3 more interviews scheduled when I accepted this job.
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    I agree...I believe hands-on experience is more valuable than the MSN degree. A MSN degree is great, but I think it is important to get experience first. If you can volunteer as a super-user or volunteer with an implementation/system upgrade, you would have a good chance of landing an informatics job. I was a bedside nurse but worked as a super-user and on a few projects, I was then able to land an informatics job with a BSN.

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