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  1. Maryville FNP Aug 28,, 2017

    is anyone else here planning to start at Maryville University FNP program on the August 28, 2017 start date?
  2. Financial aid at Frontier??

    Do you have to qualify to take out loans via the college or personal loans through banks etc?
  3. Financial aid at Frontier??

    Someone please tell me what kind of loans/financial aid you can get when attending Frontier FNP program. I have applied but won't know if I'm accepted until July. I'm hoping I can get enough loans/aid to pay my bills while decreasing my work hours fr...
  4. Anybody here??

    I have never done telephone triage before, but I'm looking for a part-time work from home job. I'm planning to start FNP school in the fall and need to work 2 days per week if possible. Any advise on how to obtain work?? I've been looking online, but...
  5. Moderate Sedation and GI

    in my experience, "other responsibilities" referred to other patients. I have worked areas where the nurse put in orders for specimens/biopsies, etc without any issues. Of course, the specimen would be carried to pathology/lab by someone else or aft...
  6. Recovery time post sedation

    To those of you who provide conscious sedation for in-office procedures, what is your policy on recovery? Do you keep the patient on a cardiac monitor for an hour after the procedure? Or just until they are back to their baseline? Does an RN have to ...
  7. no midwife jobs here

    Am I correct to assume that it is much easier to find a job as a fnp versus a midwife? I live in a small town in eastern NC. Also, can an fnp do anything ob related? Or just gyn?
  8. no midwife jobs here

    Hi all! I am applying to FNP program at Frontier but would also like to apply to CNM. If I could do anything in nursing i would become a CNM, but I'm afraid my job options would be limited by applying to this specialty instead of a degree like the FN...
  9. Aesthetics business?

    Has anyone known any aesthetics nurses or just licensed aestheticians that owned there own businesses? I've heard that this is possible but I don't know if you have to work under a MD or what. I'm a BSN with 11 years of hospital experience. I would l...
  10. Injections

    I've been a BSN in North Carolina for 11 years and would like to transition to Injections, peels, lasers etc. How do I get experience with this type of work so I can get my foot in the door with a physicians office? Is there a class that RNs take or ...
  11. strong personalities

    How do you deal with "strong personalities" as a manager? I have recently moved from a hospital setting as a staff nurse to an outpatient setting as a manager. The strong personalities have the strongest work ethic but constantly provoke the other em...
  12. feeling stuck and worried

    Update: the person they had in mind for the position turned it down. They have interviewed a few others but not made offers. I had assumed that they would've immediately approached me if they considered me competent for the position. Am I correct to ...
  13. feeling stuck and worried

    I should clarify that nobody called me a "side kick" or "assistant"...I just worried that they considered me as such. I will also update that the doctors approached me and it is now clear that they value me and want me to stay
  14. feeling stuck and worried

    I started a job less than 2 months ago at a large doctors office. They hired me when the nurse manager told them her role needed to be divided in to 2 positions. She has only been there a few months longer than me. Everyone continued to think of her ...
  15. Would traveling be a reasonable option for me?

    what exactly is per diem?