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  1. mugwump

    KBC L&D

    We use Peribirth and Pericalm. I don't know if it is KBC but it is called decision based. things are suggested and /or required based on the documentation. For instance if a patient has been 10cm and pushing for 3 hours it suggests other things like C/section.
  2. mugwump

    Are you a new informatics nurse?

    I have started my new position as clinical informatics coordinator in March, so I am a newbee as well and am interested
  3. mugwump

    Are you a new informatics nurse?

    i will be in a couple weeks :)
  4. mugwump

    nursing policy on handling infant that is not bathed

    so just a little devils advocate what is diffrent between a baby not getting a bath and you holding the hand of your patient who maybe has HSV that just was in the bathroom scratching a leison did not wash their hands and is now holding yours (i guess my point is chances are very slim. I think there are a whole host of germs out there that we don't see and know about that can do just as much damage (but donlt) than a baby without a bath
  5. mugwump

    Timing of newborn bath

    so everyone i am working on a project and i am just curious when does eveyone complete their initial newborn bath???
  6. mugwump

    Just wondering -

    well, technically we have 24 LDR's, 4 OR suites, however we typically only use 3 (one of those being for cerclages mostly. we deliver about 450 a month, although a couple of years ago when I started (before the birthrate dropped yes I think it it did) we were delivering over 700 a month
  7. mugwump

    evidenced change project

    I need to come up with and evidenced based change project. anyone out there have any topics to shoot out to me. I am comming up with blanks. thanks
  8. mugwump


    does anyone know where to get Free CEU's, other than CEU direct? For Perinatal issues
  9. mugwump

    Epidural vs. nature births

    I learned and accepted when i started in labor and delivery that non-medicated births made me nervous i was scarred, I felt bad for the woman who was hurting and i wanted to try to make it better. Then one day I said to myself, this is HER birth experience, not mine I need to and can help her acheive whatever experience she wanted the best. (yes i have sort of fought with doctors to make this happen for some) I rarely talk anybody in to an epidural who didn't want one to begin with. I only do that as a last resort when there is been no change and dr is talking c/section. I have also been known to talk people out of epidurals (those are also few and far between) limited to the women who come in 9 cm and can push out a baby before the epidural will start working. (however if they insist I will start preparations for the epidural which usually doen'st make it
  10. mugwump

    L&D nurses - can you look at my birth plan?

    I can't wait to read the update on what actually happens. Your birthplan sounds very reasonable. But keep this in mind birth is a fluid dance. Nothing happens by itself and everything affects everything else. I do NOT agree with the mandatory nursery time, I would probably fight it, site other hospitals in the area that don't and call it fraud (although since your insurance is the hospital it probably won't fly) The only thing in your birthplan that I may or may not have an issue is with not cut the cord until it stops pulseating, some people are very lets say strict on this and don't see the bigger picture. most of the time not a big deal, but there are instances where it does need to be cut. "Tight" cord around the neck that cannot be reduced, the baby not breathing with stimulation or a short cord. sometimes the cord literally won't reach to put the baby on your chest. I personally would rather have the cord cut and the baby on me, that the cord pulsating and the baby in the doctors gloved hand. just saying. Good luck, I hope you have a great expierience
  11. well, first of all i would say as a new grad in this economy, don't excpect a labor and delivery job. I would however encourage you to get as close to it, as you could. for instance a hospital with a big labor and delivery unit and work where ever you can. ICU if it is a level 3 maternity, would give you great experience for high risk labor and delivery. Also postpartum would give you some experience in womens health. Don't look exactly at the unit you are working for, but the hosptial system as you would have advantage when a position does open up working with that system. Good luck
  12. mugwump

    L&D and/or Post Partum Nurses!

    I work at Banner Desert so I don't really know any who go to scottsdale
  13. Well as far as the AWHONN do you attend meetings, then you are a "active member" also I try to use the nurse job description in my resume instead of care for patients, you might right i formulate the nursing plan of care for my patients and assess, and reassess my interventions and evauluate the responses.
  14. Wow this is a tuff one, my first reactin when your old preceptor critisez you is to remind her that she was your preceptor and you are mirroring her behaviors. so basically when she is critisizing you she is critisizing herslef. i would also talk to the director of the WIS department, keep going at it, safety is first, jumping into situations is how you learn, keep your head and everyone should support you, voice your concers. if you need anything else, let me know
  15. mugwump

    Woman Calls C-Section "Rape"

    There is an article about this on cnn.com