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Good morning! I am seeking information / opinions regarding MSN programs (online). I have also posted this on the CARING listserv, but am seeking the wisdom of my allnurses colleagues, as well. My preference would be to... Read More

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    To some extent the place where you got your degree is meaningless...........but that all depends on what you want to do. I also wouldnt suggest you getting it from one that has no past reputation in that degree specialty. Some folks still frown on on-line degrees. Those who do Nursing Research, practice in large organizations or for teaching institutions etc value school names. There are some who say having a degree from an Ivy League school is "THE" Gold Standard.
    IMHO your school should have a good reputation for the quality of the program and the quality of the graduates it puts out.
    In 24 years of nursing practice and 10+ years of HIS practice I have never had an employer question my degree granting institution................. but some do have more clout than others. Who wouldn't want to say they graduate from Duke or Yale?
    As a former hiring manager I've never chosen one candidate over another because of which college they attended.

    Institution is jmean
    Quote from angelita1017
    Does anyone above have any input on the value of the accademic reputation of the school being an important factor in work or not? is is the name just a name and where you got ur MSN not very important?? how do you feel about that? thanks.:-)
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    I was wondering if the Excelsior program has the 200 hour faculty-supervised option that will allow one to sit for the NI certification.

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