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  1. vlntrnurs

    CPHQ exam

    Hi Zahryia, What did books did you use to study for the CPHQ? Thanks in-advance.
  2. vlntrnurs

    cphims study materials?

    Try the "Professional Review Guide for the RHIA and RHIT Examinations" by Patricia Schnering. Its the closest thing I found to practice questions for the exam. The book comes with a CD full of practice questions. You can find the book used on amazon or half, just make sure that the CD comes with the book and works. The book is divided into sections of practice questions. I focused on the sections that related to the CPHIMS exam. Are you board certified in nursing informatics or RHIA certified already?
  3. vlntrnurs

    need info medical coding

    Well-said, Mulan. Hopefully, individuals will be cautious and weary of these ads that offer courses in fields where jobs are scarce. I hope they ask around (like you), search the internet for those particular jobs, and get first-hand knowledge of professionals (who have made the transition) before they consider spending money on those courses.
  4. vlntrnurs

    need info medical coding

    Is that what is happening with LNC? Have nurses complained about not finding work after taking LNC courses and certification?
  5. vlntrnurs

    need info medical coding

    I learned coding on my own without taking courses. I didn't have the money or time to take courses. If I could learn it on my own, I'm sure any one could.
  6. vlntrnurs

    need info medical coding

    It's possible to get certified and self-study (without taking formal courses). The above message was written in 2008. Its 2011, and a lot has changed with the economic climate since 2008. Being employable depends on so many other things these days. Certification helps.
  7. vlntrnurs

    RN vs Medical Billing and Coding

    You'd have to look at the AHIMA certification website. All I see are the CCS and CCS-P for professional coding. There are the RHIT and RHIA, however, you'd have to go through a CAHIIM-accredited program to attain the RHIT or RHIA. http://ahima.org/certification/credentials.aspx
  8. vlntrnurs

    RN vs Medical Billing and Coding

    I took no classes to pass the CCS and CCS-P exam. Many many years ago, I purchased books similar to AHIMA's Basic ICD-9-CM Coding (ISBN: 9781584262459), Basic ICD-9-CM Coding Exercises (ISBN: 9781584262183), Basic Current Procedural Terminology and HCPCS Coding (ISBN: 9781584262473), Basic CPT/HCPCS Coding Exercises (ISBN: 9781584262046), and the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Review Guide (ISBN: 9781584262367). I have heard that the Professional Review Guide for the CCS Exam by Patricia Schnering (ISBN: 1111127964) will help prepare for the exam also.
  9. vlntrnurs

    RN vs Medical Billing and Coding

    I passed CCS and CCS-P exams, and then volunteered at a medical records department (with the CCS and CCS-P credentials) for a year. Volunteering in medical records later assisted me to attain a job in medical coding years ago. This may not work for everyone as you are volunteering your time and skills for free. This has worked for some coding students to get jobs as medical coders. If you want to be credentialed as a coder, I have found that the CCS is sufficient to get noticed by employers. This is only from my experience. What works for me may not work for everyone else.
  10. vlntrnurs

    MSN online: National American University

    Have you contacted NAU about the program yet? There is a "Request Info" link and a "Contact Us" link at the right hand side of the web page. Your questions may be better answered by NAU faculty who are familiar with the requirements of the courses, capstone project, and practicum for MSN completion. This may assist you in finding more about NAU's MSN program. http://www.national.edu/Programs/Nursing/Pages/default.aspx Update us with what you find out! The information may assist others who have the same questions about the program.
  11. vlntrnurs

    DNP at Chatham ?

    Hi LisaMSN, How is your experiences at Chatham's DNP program? I'm considering the program, and would like to know whether its a good fit for working moms.
  12. vlntrnurs

    How do I find nurse volunteer?

    Hi Cncbennett, You could try posting ads at local nursing schools that produce RNs, LPNs, CNAs, or even Respiratory Therapists. I know some families have advertised through Craigslist, Monster, and the local newspapers. Families seem to have success when posting advertisements at local schools for nursing volunteers. Some RN students were CNAs and would like to volunteer to get experience, and references for future employment. My co-worker and her family have done this, and she has received requests for volunteer work with a family member in need of healthcare. Its actually worked out very well. She has 3-4 student RN volunteers (who have their CNAs) who come in throughout the week and assist the family with patient care. One of the volunteers has already graduated with her RN and still comes twice a month to provide respite care for the family. She continues to volunteer her services. In this economy, you may get many volunteer requests! Please let us know how this works out! Good Luck!
  13. vlntrnurs

    A day in the life of ..............

    The moderator's qualifications are listed below her name at the end of every post. She lists her degrees, licenses, and certifications. Do you like working from home in any field? Or Do you like nursing informatics specifically?
  14. One resource is the Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice by the American Nurses Association. The ANCC has a number of references pertaining to Nursing Informatics and may answer your questions: http://www.nursecredentialing.org/TestReferences/InformaticsReferences.aspx
  15. Are you already licensed as an RN or LPN? Are you already familiar with nursing informatics? These questions are asked because it helps us gage where to start in giving you information. We might be giving you information that is redundant and at the beginners level if you already have an IT or nursing background.
  16. vlntrnurs

    Listing of Informatics and Nursing Informatics Programs

    Are you licensed an RN or LPN already? Informatics nurses are licensed, meaning they have an RN or LPN.