Is EPIC coming to your facility??....

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    My facility is going through the process of training all employees to use EPIC. It's a new system that is on the computer and is replacing all the patients paper charts. They say this new system is suppose to be easier and that it will make the Doctors be more responsible and their orders more legible. Along with that instead of running around looking for "who" has the chart. I can now be in the chart, when radiology, dietician, social worker, doctor, etc is also in it. Also, I think it has something to do JCAHO.

    This is all new to me, for I was just hired at this facility and I am going through the hospital orientation part which includes EPIC training. I'm not even sure what EPIC stands for.(I think it's something like Electronic Patient, Information, C (not sure) I'm sure that they have said it in class a few times but I'm so into learning each module and studying for the test they have at the end. I wasn't paying attention.

    I am very nervous for EPIC, is going live this Sunday, at my facility. There is alot of information to learn and grasp. I hear or what I'm being told is that eventually that it will be used all over the United States. I just wanted to know what states use them now?

    Does anyone use EPIC in there facility? Is anyone currently training to use the system? If so,
    1. How do you like it?
    2. Is it just a time consuming as paper charts?
    3. How did your doctors adjust to using it?
    4. How did you and your fellow nurses adjust?

    Any input would be great to hear from you!!

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    My previous job used EPIC, and I was working there when they transitioned to EPIC. It was fine. It did make the doctors enter all orders into the computer, and it also strongly discouraged any nurse/secretary from entering verbal orders, except in specific situations (doc in emergency, in a procedure, can't get to cmputer, etc)--this caused some issues b/c some docs still wanted to give verbal orders anyways

    i liked EPIC just fine. YOu don't have a choice in it, so just roll with it. Its better than Meditech, that i use now....
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    I used EPIC at an old job and liked it a lot. It's very user friendly and many features can be adjusted to the needs of your facility (which can sometimes speed up charting & order entry). Any time there's a hospital wide change, there's a learning curve, but you'll get the hang of it quickly.
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    You can customize EPIC, so if you have silly people where you work micro managing, well...
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    EPIC is an improvement over the Victorian method of writing, writing, writing. It is different and doesn't have that "homey" touch of all your colorful nursing writing. Physician order entry is the best thing since sliced bread though. Yeah they gripe, but once they get it, it works great. Just proves you can train anyone to do anything. Don't be nervous. Anytime you have a big change like this it will suck for a while, but you'll get used to it too. Good luck.
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    As far as EPIC I find it to be very user-friendly. I am also familiar with Centrix, Meditech, Mckesson, and Epic. I specifically listed them from poor to very good. The flow for charting and being able to see the Dr's order is very easy. As far as EPIC being in every state, it's not. It depends on the hospital system. VanGuard uses McKesson, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and University use EPIC, and Adventist uses Centrix, Most hospitals are using EMR. Hope this helps and feel very fortunate that you are getting good training and if you become proficient in this you can become proficient with any EMR system.
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    Loved epic when I used it. Wish it was used more widely.
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    Epic is coming to our hospital system within the next year. They hired a whole team of people specifically for our system. I have a friend who got a job as an application analyst and not only does she love her job but she LOVES the way epic works compared to the system we use now (McKesson).
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    Quote from NYRN08
    1. How do you like it?
    2. Is it just a time consuming as paper charts?
    3. How did your doctors adjust to using it?
    4. How did you and your fellow nurses adjust?

    Any input would be great to hear from you!!
    A few things before I address your specific questions. Having the MD's enter their own orders is fabulous, no more groups of nurses circling around a chart trying to get their head angle just right so they can decipher the doctor's chicken scratch. Then find out the MD ordered a test that doesn't exist. When the MD orders their own tests they usually call the lab to find out what tests are available, what they are called in this hospital or what alternatives there are available.

    1. I have come to accept EPIC. My main complaint would be my unit is very specialized and it's been challenging to get our cares reflected properly in what is charted.

    2. I would consider EPIC charting more time consuming than paper, because unless your memory is more fabulous than mine, I have to write my vitals and any specifics (ID band location, IV location, NG tube depth) then transcribe all this stuff to the computer. In the flowsheet days, I would just reach over and write stuff down ON THE CHART. done.

    3. Our MD's generally adjusted quite well, all the neonatologists are part of the same group and there was a lot of support for computer charting from their leadership. The challenge has been with the consulting MD's who rarely come to our unit, they haven't been trained on EPIC and can't enter their own orders. They have to get another MD to write their orders for them.

    4. My fellow nurses all struggled initially. We all had hours of training on EPIC and it was all useless because our unit is so specialized and most of what they spent time in training teaching us was adult related. When it came down to it (night of go live) we were told to try to chart as close to how we used to chart on our bedside flowsheets. It's still a work in

    Apparently there is a committee right now in my unit doing a line by line review of our flowsheets and looking for items we would like that aren't there and looking to eliminate items we find not needed.
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    We do not use EPIC but use MATRIX which i think is a similar version. It is a pain in the behind, it does not save time, it shows at exactly what time orders, progress notes etc where put in. there is no late entries etc, I have practically seen nurses worship computers, they sit there and work their behind off to finish the paperwork all at the expense of patient care.

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