CA BON rejecting the PH courses and schools

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    I don't know if most of you are aware of the terrible problem we're having as PH grads in trying to get our NCLEX exam or the ATT because there's been no PH college or school that meets the CA BON minimum educational requirements.

    About 99% of all PH grads from 2010 and maybe more for past years are unable (rejected or denied, all the same thing) to get our courses approved or accepted by the CA BON, so we are asked to become LVN's or re-take the deficient courses or apply to another state.

    There are mostly issues with our cases and clinicals and theory not able to complete with the SAME semester and you must take all your courses and cases BEFORE you graduate.

    We are all stuck with unable to do the above due to PH standards.

    Are any of you guys in a new type of curriculum that does the classes, courses, cases and clinicals and or theory all together in the SAME semester, not months later, not 1-2 years later, but MUST be done in the same semester or it doesn't count in CA and some states are also going to enforce this rule.

    Guys you must also have taken Med-Surg and Psych also, some grads didn't have these courses and now can't get accepted by the CA BON.

    We are asked to take any deficient classes or courses in CA, but it's next to impossible to get enrolled in any CA classes, like almost 1,000's of other foreign students from all over the world going after less than a handful of open spots.

    People talk of the "new 4 year" nursing program, but it's not meeting CA BON requirements either!

    Now CA BON requires a SSN to even apply and there are NO more hospital sponsors, zero! Even those of you who are US citizena and have dual citizenship, the PH courses are still unacceptable as of April 2010 and more so strictly enforced since Nov. 2011.

    Do you guys know of any PH schools like that today offering the "proper" courses, it's for my cousin in high school now. Thanks!
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    This is not true, I graduated in the Philippines in March of 2010 and CA BON accepted all of my credentials. The key thing is that you research which colleges are accepted by U.S. standards first before enrolling to avoid any unecessary delays after.
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    Quote from Vring
    This is not true, I graduated in the Philippines in March of 2010 and CA BON accepted all of my credentials. The key thing is that you research which colleges are accepted by U.S. standards first before enrolling to avoid any unecessary delays after.
    Yes and no! I am strictly saying this for the state of CA and now VT recently BON is not accepting the PH courses. Ys, there are 48 other states, but again, I'm only referring to CA. You probably made it under the wire before the given stricter enforcement under the CA BON ruling effective in 2011. If you applied for the CA NCLEX before in 2011, they allowed those applications to pass thru.

    Just wonder over the International forum, Advice for Immigration and Nurse Registration, you'll find maybe 1-2 PH grads they actually got their ATT. Of those that did get their ATT and did not pass the NCLEX the 1st or 2nd time or more, there was a very good and high chance that they would not get their ATT.

    If you passed your NCLEX, that's great, but be aware that there's been discussions with upcoming renewals, CA BON could re-exam your college transcripts and if found lacking in clinical hours, missing certain courses or not taken classes with the theory part concurrently, the license could not be renewed. This may affect those being licensed from 2004 onwards.

    With regards to which PH college meets the CA BON minimum, I highly doubt even the top 5 schools are actually meeting the requirements, but maybe you might be able to shed some light on a PH school or two that does not have any issues with their courses in meeting the CA BON requirements.

    This is not a brand new requirements from the CA BON, but rather they are now enforcing their own written policy since 1987.

    Please read thru the many many threads posted here, you'll find it interesting and disappointing at the same time.
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    It may be said that PH grads are being totally blocked from getting a license in CA. With the RN demand for PH nurses zero, no visas, no hiring, recession and oversupply of nurses all over the US, this trend will only persist for decades to come. PH RNs must accept this new reality while those still entertaining hopes of coming to the US as an RN ought to look many times before leaping into Nursing school. The bandwagon had come and gone. Only nursing schools who want to continue getting more enrollees will try to perpetuate the myth of a nursing demand in the US.
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    we know have several more states that are going to deny the att and the licensing process, i think before long, half of the states will be doing the same by this year's end. so yes, the door's are being closed and soon, maybe all 50 states.

    thank you ched, prc and pna for doing a "fine" job of not meeting usa minimum standards.

    as originally posted by nrskarenrn on july 18, 2012 "ony those states that have explicit education requirements of concurrent theory and practicum will philippine nurses have licensure issues.

    excellsior college new york nursing graduates have had same issue recently. see state board licensure requirements here

    these are states having concerns over concurrent therory and practicum, so i would look at other 37 states to obtain license:


    north dakota
    washington" (source: post #447 in thread:
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    I don't understand why the nursing schools have not adjusted to these turns of events. It is not like it started to happen just yesterday. If the PH nursing community truly wanted to help their graduates, they would have responded to these problems already.
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    Many nursing schools in the Philippines are now aware of the situation,and those who will soon graduate batch 2013 and so on will not encounter this problem of the concurrency issue anymore i guess for they are now adjusting their clinical with theory,because many of my relatives are now taking up nursing and my cousin who will be graduating next year from the school where I came from and got denied by CABON are now doing some changes,almost all of her cases now are complete with the same theory they are having..and other family friends whose taking up nursing also from a different college are telling me they are also doing the same thing..unlucky only for those who graduated 2004-2012 because they were the one who was caught up in the middle with this reenforcement of CABON rules.

    for those who are saying end for PHIL.nurses to come to America I dont think so for there are always a way in achieving ones goal and now Philippine nursing school are starting doing the right thing now.sadly for some it was too late.but atleast there were lessons learned from all of it.and trying to correct their mistakes.
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    They'll come up with something else.
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    concurrency issues is CABON's Euphemism ....BOard will no longer accept foreign graduates due to increasing number of unemployment and of course, USA graduates is their priority. no more no less..
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    Quote from steppybay

    Guys you must also have taken Med-Surg and Psych also, some grads didn't have these courses and now can't get accepted by the CA BON.

    If your nursing school does not offer med-surg and paychiatric nursing, you are totally screwed. It looks like they are just after your money!! That's not legit, even though they are approved by the dept of educ or whatever. What do they offer in exchange for those courses, web page design?
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