USA, Ireland, Uk, australia, Mid east or asian countries? where do you prefer?

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    hello people! just wanting to have a survey on which countries nurses from philippines prefer to work.
    tell me your reasons......


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    USA for me.
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    ako din USA--coz my family's there. and i have been there. better compensation. the technology. weather is good.
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    i've been working in riyadh now for almost 6 years and i enjoy my stay here my salary is well compensated and i can go home every six months with pay and travel expenses shouldered by my employer, i dont have any taxes to pay and my accomodation is free.
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    Australia here because I have an Aunt there whose helping me out.
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    hello, im from the philippines. i just want to ask if u are aware of a company named Pool Arabia? how about working as a rig medic nurse?
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    I prefer US. I think it has the highest pay and more benefits...
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    i prefer to work in d U.S. this country has the highest pay for nurses, but i have no choice because my aunt wanted me to work in australia but before to get in as registred nurse in OZ i need to study again for 1 year and i dont want to do that again.
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    i also prefer to work in the US basically this country has the HIGHEST PAY for nurses and my uncle is working as a nurse in LA, but i have no choice.. aunt, who supported me all the way wanted me to work in Australia.. and this is the sucks thing.... before i get in as a registered nurse i need to study again for 1 year and spend 7000 AUD. tsk tsk tsk
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    US... i miss my family there


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