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  1. Hannibal

    New RN at 40, needs help for experience or training

    Isn't it they give certificates for volunteers? What is the purpoes of these certificates if they cannot be considered as experience?
  2. What are the requirements there in UAE? By the way, I am from the Philippines.
  3. do you really consider PHC as your top choice? Why? maybe you should start finding another one.
  4. What's the difference between applying for US and UAE? Is it much more difficult applying there?
  5. So technically, all forms of healthcare are closed in Europe other than Spain?
  6. Hannibal


    Is the retrogression only for schedule A occupations or for all applying for immigrants only?
  7. By the way, anybody has an idea on how to apply for UK?
  8. Hannibal

    Sentosa Case in NY: Study contract before you sign

    I read in a newspaper before and even saw in a documentary show that they were not given the expected benefits as stated in the contract- the reason why they left. Is this really true?
  9. why do you have to study again? What's different with nursing education in australia compared to US?
  10. Hannibal

    Legal Nurse Consultant Pioneer Talks to NPR

    If your business goes down and you ran out of money, does that mean you are going back to your nursing job?
  11. Hannibal

    work abroad w/out experience.. possible?

    Hi there. I just wonder how is it possible to just have the tourist visa instead of a working visa? Can you give me an advice regarding this? Thanx!