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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada,... Read More

  1. by   Burden_Desire
    God Allows this (Hep B Carriers) because there's a purpose why he allowed it to happened to us......Have faith.....We can still excel in our profession (Nurses) .... Prayers are the best .... Been there done that.......
  2. by   luffy
    hi everyone! new here by accident. i'm also a hepB carrier and a RN but with no work. im on a treatment now. by the end of june or maybe next month i will take my 2nd DNA viral load exam. the first one was a failure because my previous drug didn't had any effect on the virus so my doctor prescribed me a new one. i pray that it will decrease the number of virus. i read an article on this site that singapore is working on a cure for hepB. yes, a cure for all of us people who is infected. i also read a personal article on the same site, he was cured from hepB after his treatment. you can check the site for more details about his story.
    im glad i found this site. it really helps people like us. share the same stories, give advice to other people. godbless to all.
  3. by   bambi206
    hi everyone. i'm new here. anyway, i'm glad i found this site,
    i thought i was alone in terms of this kind of problem.
    i'm a newly graduate nursing student and my world was nearly shattered
    when i found out i have hepB! i just took the NLE last june
    and i hope and pray that i will pass but i kept on thinking of what
    is the use of me passing the NLE if i can't work as a nurse.
    but as i have read this thread, this gave me hope. thank you for this site.

    now because of this, i decided to submit myself to further examination
    and still hoping to work abroad. by the way, good luck to those who are
    applying for their visa. i believe it will be accepted.

    i have read some site, some advise where to take ascorbic acid
    because an antioxidant effect, but i'm not sure if it works,
    we'll never know.. ..just try it.. ..

    pls keep in touch.. ..
    i would love to know what happen to others who are applying to work abroad.. ..

    lets hope and pray!

    thank you!
  4. by   spongebob6286
    Quote from monita25

    i been reading a lot of thread and i came across this one. someone with a hepa b also, wanting to work abroad he sought help from someone and was advised to eat a kilo of avocado a day, another one is a seaman who was able to work again after taking this medicine. i will try to search for it and tell you next time. for now try eating avocado, maybe it might help...
    dont get depress,
    i was wondering what will the avocado do?
  5. by   K-Ann
    Im also infected with HepB. I just found out when I got pregnant. I dont know where I got this because Im so sure I didnt have it at nursing school and when I started to work. I got tested when I was pregnant
    My OB had to request for the test twice just to be sure and it was still positive but the titer was a thousand lower than the first. What does it mean?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from ilovegabe
    Im also infected with HepB. I just found out when I got pregnant. I dont know where I got this because Im so sure I didnt have it at nursing school and when I started to work. I got tested when I was pregnant
    My OB had to request for the test twice just to be sure and it was still positive but the titer was a thousand lower than the first. What does it mean?
    We can't offer medical advise as per terms of service, you really need to discuss this with your doctor
  7. by   garudamaru
    im really feel disappointed when i stop nursing because of hepatitis b virus replicative phase..i am nearly close enough to my goal (3rd year). its already 3 years past but i am not afford to accept my situation, im dying to become a registered nurse , to work abroad and to help other children to reach their dreams..but what i am experiencing today is a nightmare,,i am hoping for a cure for our virus..because i believe that someday, oe of us will all get cured,
    ...please reach me if one of you get lucky(cured)
  8. by   jahda_ph
    hellow's been a while since i visited this site bcoz of too much work..i'm scheduled for embassy interview and as you all know, i'm a hep b healthy carrier, got it i guess from my mom. nwei, i'm praying that the medical will be ok but i'll see my doctor here beforehand to check for whatever we can do about my case. you can as well request for dna test to check if your type of hep B is infectious or it's not replicating.not everyone can be treated and its not always a guarantee that treatment will erase all those hap b virus in our system. you will be only subjected for treatment if the hep B you have is replicating..i really pray not only for me bt for all of us who have this illness. Let this illness not be hindrance to our pursuit of working abroad'..i'll update you guys regarding my results'..pray for me,thank you so much!
  9. by   buddhaboy
    How have you guys been? Any luck?

    My friend is also in the same situation. She got very discouraged when she found out, she stopped working because of that...

    Hope there's still hope...
  10. by   K-Ann
    any news?
  11. by   jahda_ph
    hi everyone! i passed the interview already, as expected, my medical got pending and was asked to submit a certification from my doctor. i forwarded the med cert to my employer but somehow, didn't get a clear reply from them although they emailed me for flight details. I'm preparing to travel yet i'm not sure if it's ok already'...i continue to pray that they got the med cert already because when they replied, they're already scheduling for flights..There's hope guys, keep your prayers present and your faith strong'..God bless!
  12. by   complexforms
    im also a thinking of applying for a job but im afraid they will have to draw blood for hbsag testing...please help me...and i'd also like to know what does a negative hbeag means?? pls help me
  13. by   candie214
    hello. im new here. and im also a nurse, i knew that i was reactive in hepa b when i was in college, before taking the vaccine i got myself tested. It didn't stop me. I want to become a nurse, this wouldn't pose me any hindrance on my dreams. the college was aware of my condition, even my friends. my adviser, told me that it will hard for me to get a job in the future. I graduated with good grades, passed the exam on my first take and got a job in a secondary hospital in our town, as of now I'm the youngest nurse in our hospital. it will be 3 years on january. last year i decide to apply for abroad, but before anything I consulted a doctor here in our province, got me tested on on confirmatory tests. when the result arrive, she told me that I may not be able to work abroad. I sought for a second opinion and went to manila, search at the net for some doctors, and i emailed him for some questions and appointment, luckily he was very positive, he told me i can still work in uk, new zealand and australia, even canada. atlast! some hope i really wanna help my family. he advised me to go on with my applications and study the agency and country that i will aplly to, in cases that i might need a certificate i may just go back to him,, hopefully ill visit him again by the end of the year. any news from our other friends, thank you sharing some it keeps my up my hopes..