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Good day!!! Really.......really glad I found this site....... !!! I'm a 4th yr nursing student... graduating this March 2006..... I been really looking for somebody who can share their... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Best of luck to you with your studies.
  2. by   Starbee
    Quote from toxicnursingstudent
    thanks for posting your thoughts and suggestions on the matter, my best friend is taking the boards this june 2007 and she starting to become jittery and panicked, i sent her the link to this forum and she is taking your great ideas to heart. wish her luck! i myself am on my last year as a nursing student and i think now is the right time to start reviewing, little by little and making every second during my stay in school and in my RLE count!
    I passed the June 2006 and I am taking the June 2007 NLE. Your friend's greatest enemy is panick and jitters. Review Centers just boost your confidence. Just make sure you have the right resources. Stick to what is effective for you in studying (Try recalling the best way you studied for major exams back in college).

    Good Resources:
    1. Fundamentals of Nursing by Udan
    2. DOH Book
    3. Saunders NCLEX Review or NSNA for MS,Psych,MCN and Pedia
    4. Saunders Test Taking Strategies

    I tried reviewing at a review Center before for final coaching but all they did was boost my confidence.
  3. by   g_l
    another HELP message. i am just free from job responsibilities and now planning to start reviewing for nle. just graduated this march, will take december test. any more tips? is RUN still taking reviewees? any good review centers who have updated sites about their fees, schedules? aside from the resources stated above, are any more needed? thanks.
  4. by   g_l
    another HELP message!

    hi, i'm a recent graduate from a university in manila, planning to take the december board. anyone here from RUN? are they still taking on reviewees? any centers that have updated sites on their fees and schedule? aside from those resources stated above, any more recommendations?

    my work contract is to expire by next week, so i'm just starting serious reviewing. please help. thanks.
  5. by   nursemich
    answer practice questions.. i took June 2007 and based from my experience it doesn't matter what and where review school you reviewed, the problem with most of us is retention..before i took the exam, i have answered 4,000 questions only.i wish i have answered 10,000

    try to answer 100-200 questions a concept a day.. and by the time you'll be taking the exam you have gained test taking skills and confidence...
  6. by   ysabella28
    any info about RUN, PRS or Pentagon in Espana? I dont really know which to choose..
  7. by   suzanne4
    Quote from ysabella28
    any info about RUN, PRS or Pentagon in Espana? I dont really know which to choose..
    Understand that you are new here, suggest that you take the time to do some reading here. And stay away from these review centers, much has been posted on them already. There is absolutely no reason to use one of them, all it does is increase the wallet of the owner and does not benefit you at all.
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    Quote from gracediwa
    and do you happen to know what color of the umbrella should be used at the community? it was asked for the dec 2005 NLE. weird. i think it's black? watcha think?
    maybe it's match the color of the OB bag... lol!
  9. by   lenjoy03
    CHN bag? well its black! I haven't encountered that kind of question when I answered questionnares from 2000-2005 NLE exam