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  1. mushymash

    LPN Cost in Michigan?

    Good day to all. We are new in Michigan and we are hoping to get into an LPN program. We just don't know where to start. For all the LPN out there, can you share 1) where did you take your LPN program 2) How much does it cost 3) Did you take a student loan 4) Were you able to get a student assistance program/scholarship 5) Is it possible to work at the same time Thank you for all those who will answer.
  2. mushymash

    Wayne State Accelerated Nursing 2017

    Good day, can I ask how much is the cost for the nursing program at Wayne State University? Do they have an assistance program? Did you opt for a student loan? Are you working at the same time? Are the classes doable to be able to work at the same time? Thank you.
  3. mushymash

    Macomb community college 2018

    good day everyone, would like to ask how much is the cost for macomb's nursing program? did you opt to pay it yourself or you got a loan or assistance program? Thank you...
  4. mushymash

    Life as a Nurse

    I never thought that I would become a nurse. I never intended to. But, God has a funny sense of humor, and I wasn't laughing all the time. There are days that you have to literally grind your teeth, to keep your composure. Sometimes being a nurse means knowing when to duck. You know, when irritable patient starts throwing things at you. Especially when you tell them they are on a strict bedrest, and that climbing out of bed means the exact opposite. I have a colleague that while feeding his patient via nasogastric tube, the patient was punching his abdomen. Others would try to sink their teeth on you. Some are able to kick the nurses while letting out some curses. Mind you, these were all done by an 87yo female patient. Surely, she was an instant hit in the area. We would then ask her if she was a former ninja. I couldn't possibly tell how much sacrifices we nurses have to endure. So, it is true, not all jobs are created equal. It starts with working on a rotating schedule. Just when you thought you have finally got the hang of it, it's time to start a different one. It's worst for those who are on a floating schedule, today you're 6-2, tomorrow 10-6, the next day off, then 6a-6p. Next, our break time is undefined. For example, it doesn't mean that when the clock strikes 12 we can take our lunch. Nope. Twelve noon means feeding the patients and not the nurses. Break time is when you are able to find one. I just don't know how many times my colleagues and I have thought of drinking the osteorized food of our patients out of hunger. I'm a small person and my husband is thrice my size, but I can beat him anytime of who can eat the fastest contest. That's one trait you develop as a nurse, along with the ability to hold your bladder for more than 8 hours. On my first two months as a nurse, I lost 10 pounds. Not only that, I had urinary tract infection (UTI) for months. I was losing weight because I wasn't eating enough and the work was too much. I had UTI because I don't empty my bladder, and I am not taking enough fluids. It's not that I'm ignoring it. I found out that if you are too busy, you would feel no hunger nor urge to relieve yourself. In the area where I work, it's not easy to leave your patients unattended. You don't know what could and might happen, for that split second you take your eyes off your patient. A confused person can easily remove vital contraptions that he has, like endotracheal tube or nasogastric tube, foley catheter, IV tubings etc. Some patients are really gifted, you can restraint every limb in their body, yet, like Houdini, can remove them with ease. You'll be amazed of what an 87yo woman can do, just to remove her contraptions (yep, it's the ninja octagenerian). If you are a nurse, say goodbye to holidays. Gone are the days when I leaped with joy every time a holiday is being announced on television. I also stopped looking at the red marks on the calendar, as they don't serve me any purpose (except double pay). Last year, I have experienced my first new year in the hospital. While everyone else was busy celebrating the year end, I was busy talking to our resident doctor, discussing what to do to our patients, in order for them to see another year. It is not easy calling in sick if your company runs a hospital. Your employer have bunch of doctors and diagnostic equipment ready to verify your excuse. The good thing is, if you really are sick, they don't want you anywhere within 5 feet of the hospital walls. Again, if you are really sick. In a normal job, you can hit the door at the end of your shift. In the hospital, you need to be sure that you have someone to endorse your patient to. If not, you cannot leave work, and have a very high chance of probability that you will wrestle another 8 hours of shift. Last year, when a super typhoon hit Manila, quite a number of nurses had to work 24 hours straight because their reliever cannot go to the hospital due to flood. Health hazard is an understatement. Unlike doctors who spend time with their patients for good 5-10 minutes a day, we nurses devote our entire shift to our patients. When doctors needed specimen, you can count on nurses to get it for them, be it blood, saliva, urine or feces. I swear, I'm just 5 suction catheters away to tell what kind of bacteria the patient has, just by looking at the color of their phlegm. At first, I thought that only winged-living creatures can fly. But the same, is also true for blood, feces, urine and sadly, phlegm. Ever since I became a nurse, my social life becomes non-existence. After work, the second my back touches my bed, I'm in lala land. Even the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima won't be able to wake me up. In a good way, it helped me and husband save money. I don't have to buy new clothes, or buy food, since I don't go out that much and I eat very little. I also consider my scrub suits now as a formal wear, ready to use at any fine dining restaurant. My love and hate relationship with nursing may still go on a daily basis. But, at the end of the day, when you know that somehow I contributed in piecing together the life of a person....being a nurse isn't that bad at all.
  5. mushymash

    Waiting Time

    There are some agencies that consider volunteer work as an experience as long as it's 30h/wk, an example would be is Interstaff Inc. I guess that would depend on the agency. That's what they told me when I asked them about volunteer work. Although they did not respond in regards to the paid trainings in hospitals. What you can do to ensure a slot in a hospital is to find an agency that has a tie off with a hospital. i have heard that medical city has a tie off with an agency, just that, i don't know the name of that agency. Would you believe that some hospital would not even accept volunteer nurse because they already have accepted quite a number of them? Goodluck to us.
  6. mushymash

    Experience in Paid Hospital Training....

    thnx for the response... i'm not even from manila, i'm from the province and can't even find a volunteer job due to the vast number of their current volunteer nurses, much more find a work that pays you... i'm considering going to other countries, but, i can't do that without hospital experience. Saudi are accepting nurses without experience, but, i don't wanna go there without something under my belt. so, what do you guyzzz suggest?!!! i don't wanna be idle in our house..... i wanna work and be a functional nurse!!!!
  7. good day... anyone of you who have tried paying a hospital for their training? i heard that Makati Medical, PHC, PGH, Jose Reyes Hosp, Manila Doctors(?), QCGH are among those that would train nurses for a fee... my question is, does anyone of you have actually tried undergoing these trainings? how was the training and was it worth your money? thank you so very much... God bless everyone...
  8. wow! can you please share what's it's like working in new zealand, how did you adjust, how was your work there, working condition, working as a foreigner, their treatment and the hospital or nursing home situation.... thank you so much... this would give us insight on what to expect in new zeland... also, how long have you been a nurse in the philippines before going to new zealand God bless....
  9. mushymash

    Failed retaker =(

    gudluck to my batchmate (june 2006) who will take the entire NLE exam... continue on pursuing our passion and dream... Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 God bless....
  10. mushymash

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    i took my exam this March 22, 2007 at Saipan. had 75 items, no computation, lots of pharmacology questions... 3-4 select all that apply... 3-4 sequencing.... my last question was about infection control.... since pharma is my most dreaded subject, i'm pretty certain i failed. i'm quite sad after the exam and asking why the computer did not give a chance to answer more question so as to had a higher chance of passing. i went back to my hotel room crying, fell down on my knees and prayed. feeling sorry for my sister who paid all the fees, including the air-fare and the hotel accommodation. thank God, God decided it was my time to pass the exam... i believe that I passed the exam because of God's helped. to God be the glory... God bless....
  11. mushymash

    Fingerprint card

    thank you so very much.....
  12. mushymash

    Fingerprint card

    NEW MEXICO FINGERPRINT CARD AND APPLICATION plzzzz.......... help how do i fill up the fingerprint card? (1) Employer and Address ___________ do i leave it blank? coz i don't have an employer (2) Reason fingerprinted ___________ nclex examination? (3) Place of Birth _________ do i need to be specific? or just the country what do they mean in the EXAMINATION APPLICATION........... Before submitting your application to the Board of Nursing be sure that you have included the following and check off each: 3. Two fingerprint cards; fingerprint certificate form; authorization for release form and money order for $31.00 made out to the Department of Public Safety. what is.... ......................Fingerprint Certificate Form? ......................Authorization for Release Form thnx a million....
  13. mushymash

    Man School

    gud day! does anyone hear knows a good school that offers MASTERAL IN NURSING? is MAN in the philippines accepted internationally? how much and how long would it take for me to take MAN? was it harder than our subjects during our student nursing days? is there a non-thesis MAN? can u share ur experience pls... thanx a zillion...
  14. mushymash

    Thread for Filipino Nursing Students

    i love d buk of medical surgical nursing by BRUNNER AND SUDDARTH... its a 2buk part....very detailed...well explained...gud for a nursing student like you.... don't buy those buk that has a short-cut lecture since you're still a student you'll be needing something that would explain everything to you in detail. you'll appreciate it later specially when you take ur NCLEX/CGFNS exam wherein a good foundation of MS is required. gudluck!
  15. definitely, take all the exams first, passed it all, then, u can start working!