Foreign Nurses from the Philippines

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    hello evryone..
    im leah from the philippines.
    want to meet filipino nurses here...
    and discuss with them their success stories of immigrating in the usa..
    and maybe they could help me also.

    mga pinoys and pinays...hope u could find time of sharing your stories here...

    thank you...god bless..

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    hi im a filipina nurse movin to USA early next year, i have taken all the exams in order to get an immigrant visa, im excited and anxious since this is my first foreign exposure.
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    hello leah, im not realy yet working as a nurse at other countries . im pretty much yet here in the philippines. but ill soon be getting my board exam and also planning to work abroad in europe. seeing my point in posting this is that im also a Filipino. Anyway, I hope that "dumami pa tayo". By the way, do you know any filipino local nursing site? if you do please feel free to inform me or add it to your next thread. Its supposed to be added at the australasian forum at this site by my online friend who is a moderator from austalia. good luck.
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    hi everyone! this is my first time to join a forum and post a message. i have read some of the messages here and i find it very informative. i would like to address this message to all filipino nurses who are now successfully working in the us. it was last year when an opportunity knocked my door. an agency offered me a scholarship program (sponsorship in all exams, review and visa processing). i passed cgfns and ielts. but i felt frustrated because they have only few employers. the ones that came were very particular with hospital experience. that's the reason why i was not called for an interview. the agency now requires us to go back to hospital while waiting, or attend their training program(which will cost arnd p17k), for us to be marketable.this was not cleared to us when we signed the contract with them. they have accepted us even without hospital experience. in our present economic situation, i can’t afford to give up my job without the assurance that i will be deployed very soon. i have 2 kids to feed and i can't take the risk just like that. right now, i am exploring other options and i hope you would help me on some concerns:
    1) is hospital experience really necessary? i heard some were able to emigrate and work there even without experience?
    2) which is better? safer? faster? going thru an agency or direct hire?
    3) is it really 12 – 18 months of processing for immigrant visa?

    that’s all for now. i would greatly appreciate if you could find time to send your comments or share your experiences. thanks and god bless!
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    This is just a question, so please do not get me wrong. I just wondered because I am ignorant or misinformed here, is there a shortage of RN's in the Philipines? I just want to know who takes care of your citizens? Do nursing students take care of the patients, or are there too many nurses there?
    I work with some fantastic nurses from England, the Philipines, India, Korea, and even Poland, so don't get me confused with someone who doesn't want you! I just always wanted to ask this
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    Dear Sharann,

    Actually there is no such thing as shortage of nurses here in the Philippines. There are many registered nurses here who are not working in the hospitals. Like me, I work as a medical sales representative. But I have worked for a year as a volunteer staff nurse long time ago.

    What they say shortage is that hospitals here are understaff because they don't have the budget to hire more. It is common for a nurse in the unit to have 30 patients per day. I have an experience on that also way back then.

    As for brain drain, that's another story. But for shortage, it isn't. We have plenty here waiting for recruitment agencies to be pick up and brought to the States or anywhere.

    I hope I answer your question.

    Yours truly,

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    Quote from Rep
    Dear Sharann,

    What they say shortage is that hospitals here are understaff because they don't have the budget to hire more. It is common for a nurse in the unit to have 30 patients per day. I have an experience on that also way back then.

    I guess I can't complain then.
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    hi there,im an RN there in the PI and i just came here in US last year,im planning to practice my profession soon but if you want i can contact the person thats offering sponsorship and maybe she can help you,pm me okay.take care
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    If any of you have any specific questions, you can PM here in Bangkok. :hatparty:
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    please also be careful with the agencies that is helping. make sure that they are licensed and regulated. dont be taken advantaged, ok?
    Good luck to the ones that are very excited to come out to the US or anywhere else....TIP #1: Learn how to drive, if you are immigrating to the US.
    Hospital experience would be great, because it's more inter dependent-nursing out here, you report to the doctor what your pt status is, and you get tel order, etc...with independence, comes accountability and you have to be assertive and reliable. But alot of times, the nurse collaborates with other disciplines, but the case manager is the nurse...not the doctor.
    NCLEX-RN will reformat some questions this APRIL, the fill in the blank, the hot spot and the multiple-multiple will be used...please review and be prepared. suggestions lang po. Good luck and God bless

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