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hael171972 specializes in LTC/Telemetry/MedSurg.

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  1. hael171972


    Hello everyone!!! Its been a while since I last posted. I am into searching which is the best online schools..So far i have narrowed it to 4 choices: University of Phoenix, Western Governors, Walden University and KAplan University. I want to do Masters..I still dont know which -- Educator or Leadership & Management and I want to gain some knowledge in Informatics.. I am a foreign grad from Philippines, currently working here in Southern CA as a Telemetry Nurse. I dont know the in and outs of inquiring with these schools without any obligation to them.. Anyone who had any experience doing school online? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!! :=) faith
  2. hael171972

    nclex results

    i posted a few days ago that i am very pressured in passing the boards... i took the nclex last feb 9 at pasadena, ca.. and the results are now posted on the boards website--updated feb 13.. i passed!!!!:roll :roll :melody: goodluck who are going to take and to those who are still waiting for the results.... by the way...mine stops at 75 questions... hael
  3. hael171972

    NCLEX Feb 9

    im done with 75 Q's...almost an hour...i can hear my heart beating while answering... lots of prioritization..O God!!! i wish i passed.... hael
  4. hael171972

    NCLEX Feb 9

    i waited for almost a year for my eligibility from CA BON..and now ill be taking the NCLEX tom..a few hours more.. i am pressured..so pressured... hael
  5. i agree,,, i am also thinking that i am not into fashion stuff or i am some kind of weird person and has no fashion sense at all :roll :roll
  6. hael171972

    problems regarding nclex application in cali

    This is true like in my experience: i applied to CA BON last December 2005 when i was still in the Philippines..and now that i am here in the USA i still dont have my eligibility letter from them...the reason? my school didnt include or maybe forgot to include the clinical portion of my transcript and this cause of my delay.. i already ask the school to send a copy...and yet whenever i am trying to follow up my status the operator would tell me i still lack the clinical portion..or may be its under evaluation..wait for another 2 weeks, etc, etc.. to anyone: how am i going to give to the board my SSN?..when i asked them they would transfer my call to a licensing specialist and a recorder would answer for you to leave a message...i am afraid to just leave my SSN.. hael
  7. hael171972

    Had my consular interview but dox under review

    to everyone.... i know what you've been going through...i had the same feeling.. i am done with consular interview last june 21 and the visas were delivered june 25 (that's sunday).. i havent taken the nclex yet..but i am cgfns passer and ielts passer...had a cgfns certificate and visa screen...i have a notarized job offer with pre and post nclex salary... the consul's decision of whether or not you'll be given a visa is on how consistent and complete your documents are, and the job offer...if your employer is willing to take you without nclex, then the consul would not ask you to take nclex first... my family and i will be leaving the country this coming week (bound for ca)...i have many "what if's" ...but then i have to face my fear for my family's future.. goodluck to all of us... hael
  8. hael171972

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    I havent leave the country yet...hehehehe but we have book our flights already... Ur lucky enough, that the NVC processes fast these days...a few more days and ull be sched...just imagine that we waited for almost three months..and now ur only taking a maximum of a month to a month 1/2... goodluck!! hael
  9. hael171972

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    in my friend's case: case completed --- june 6 interview --- august 1 the processing of nvc is tremendously fast... they should done this before..hehehhe congrats guys!! hael
  10. hael171972

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    did everybody left already??,, no one's posting any updates here... where are you guys???
  11. hael171972

    input on excellent nclex reviewer pls

    the one near national bookstore was already closed..they transfered beside UE recto gate..just a few blocks from the old location...
  12. hael171972

    input on excellent nclex reviewer pls

    are re-published/philippine copyright books not allowed in the usa?..but they have rights to published, and i think its not a pirated thing..compared to those sold that are only xerox copies... just my thoughts suzanne.... hael
  13. hael171972

    immigration petition

    to daning: i dont have my nclex either when i got interviewed but my job offer states a pre and post nclex salary..they only ask for my visa screen and job offer...i got my visa!! my eligibility from ca bon hasnt arrived yet..i applied last december 2005.. hope this helps.. hael
  14. hael171972

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    thank you everyone!!! to those who are still waiting, goodluck! your time will surely come!! just think of those who are still studying nursing and wishing to be in our status now...they still have a long way to go... god bless po!! hael
  15. hael171972

    NVC -CP- GC Tracker

    :balloons::balloons:got our visas today!!!..sunday here (philippines):balloons::balloons: here's my timeline: i-140 filed - january 2005 (csc) i-140 approved - september 2005 packet 3 received - december 2005 case completed - february 6, 2006 packet 4 received - may 2006 medicals st. luke's - may 29-30 (my eldest and hubby were asked to come back..see my previous post) interview us embassy - june 21, 2006 visa packet received - june 25, 2006 hael
  16. hael171972

    input on excellent nclex reviewer pls

    how come the compre that you bought in c&e has a free cd?? i also bought mine there..same price as yours, same discount too...i even asked the cd and they said that its not included..only in original published book like the one they are selling at national (since c & e are selling re-published or philippine copyright books):uhoh21: :uhoh21: hael

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