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hello evryone.. im leah from the philippines. want to meet filipino nurses here... and discuss with them their success stories of immigrating in the usa.. and maybe they could help me also. ... Read More

  1. by   Mike28770
    Congrats to you and your Filipina. I am also engaged to a Filipina RN, part of the June 06 batch. My experience is there is SO MUCH MISINFORMATION among the Filipinos, and they tend to have a "herd mentality". You fiancee doesn't need experience, and in most cases she doesn't need to take the Philippine NLE, in fact if she plans to never practise in the Phils, her better plan is not to take the exam! Both of you should read about the licensing requirements in the state(s) you are interested in, and learn what is required for that. Plus you need to learn about how to petition your fiancee (or your wife) to become a permanent resident of the US. It's a bit time consuming, but not so hard to accomplish. For sure she will need to pass the NCLEX. If she has a usa tourist visa, you can marry in the states and do a Adjustment Of Status (AOS) petition and complete testing and licensing from US side. If no visa, then you can consider fiancee or spousal visa while she is still in the Phils. Maybe a 1 year process? The only MUST HAVE that I can see is, get the CES from cgfns before doing your AOS petition to be sure her education meets cgfns/State BON standards, and MAYBE an English language proficiency test if her school was in tagalog. Best wishes, and Good Luck!
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    Quote from sweet_nurse
    hi friends

    well im new here in this forum and this is the 1st time i joined..hehehe..i found the forum very interesting specially for nurses like me..i have a question to ask regarding packet 3 and packet 4..i hope someone will reply to my post..:wink2: i passed my cgfns last november 2005 and ielts last march 2006 and got my visa screen may the same attorney filed my petition june 2006 and it was approved august 16 2006..she sends me packet 3 august 26 and i returned it to her the other day after completing the form and the other requirements like birth certificate,passport and nbi clearance..i would like to ask how many weeks or months will i receive my packet 4? im afraid that the current visa availability for nurses would be unavailable anytime this month of november my attorney said ..let us hope and pray that retrogression will not continue..
    thank you and god bless u all
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