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03/05/07 ANA Urges New Tests for Philippine Nurses Seeking to Practice in the U.S. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is urging the Philippine government to facilitate a retake of the nurse licensure exam without penalty... Read More

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    Quote from aNgeL_gaL
    How about the sample affidavit waiver? Ill process it and bring it to the PRC, and theyll be the one to notarized it? Thank you...
    The PRC has it's own notary public in the legal dept. on the 2nd floor.

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    you only have 2 questions to ask i want to work in the US or not. If you decided to work and stay in the Philippines, then by all means don't do any retake of any of the exams...if you want to work in US, you have no choice but to comply with their decisions. And don't suggest any foul play or racial discrimnation, nobody's forcing anybody to work in US...I understand the hardship of studying and all, but like I said you have to ask yourself if you want to stay put or venture out...
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    Quote from BurstPurse
    It's a very sad situation for the June'06 passers. It's a chain of events that are now arising, who knows some state's BON will soon give their side regarding the retake. And expect more corrupt politicians to come up of another delegation to appeal on ANA. As what they always say, 'they are just prolonging your agony'. Take the complete retake first to clean your name and uplift your spirit. If you passed it before, you can successfully pass it again. Be a proud nurse and say, "I passed my board exam, not once but twice!" Only in this way you can start your career without a doubt.

    And I am proud to say that for the second time, I passed the NLE.. thank God. and i thank all the people who believed in us. Godbless us all.

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