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  1. asianrn

    ER Only Background for CRNA??

    depends on the school..wayne state university and detroit mercy in michigan accepts er experience..
  2. asianrn

    Are there BS programs to become a RN Anesthetist?

    there's no such thing as bs in anesthesia...it's all masters degree and requires you to have at least one year rn icu experience..please check the website aana and do some research about crna crna stands for certified registered nurse anesthetists..it's all certified nurses that learned "all the good stuff" about anesthesia..
  3. I interview with them last year...It was just laid back nothing 'heavy', no clinical questions, 'tell us about yourself' sort of thing, your weaknesses and strengths, why UT Memphis..just 2 interviewers-the Director and I think one of the professors, they were great and seem pretty cool to me..you will have the chance to meet the students before the interview so you can ask them too..
  4. asianrn


    what's your score?
  5. asianrn

    Dilemma: Private Hospital or Goverment Hospital?

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center is licensed by the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth). Source: http://www.asianhospital.com/overview.html DOT and Philhealth? what are they accrediting the hospitals for? please don't tell me they have something to do in maximizing patients safety and healthcare delivery system...
  6. asianrn

    applying to take grad pre-reqs at WSU (Detroit)

    I only filled out the graduate admission application through online..no reference, no writing of any kind..approximately two weeks after you submitted your application, WSU grad admission will send you a letter congratulating you that you got accepted to the grad admission for the courses that you will take i.e grad stat and research method...then the second paragraph will tell you that taking these courses are not by any means a guarateed acceptance to the CRNA program...make sure that you shadow a CRNA not just once but multiple, take notes on what kind of cases you saw, sedations used..
  7. asianrn

    GPA conversions

    majority of the schools assess the whole package of your application not just your gpa..i know people who got in with a gpa pf 2.8, and i know a few people who have a gpa of 3.8 and mind you a knock out gre scores but didn't get in..just like the other poster have said, you don't need to justify your grading system especially if it's not even an issue...interview process i think seals the deal, you might look good in paper and application but if your personality and confidence are below average, it will still not get you anywhere...
  8. asianrn

    To tell or not to tell...

    In all due respect but I'm pretty sure if that chief nurse from your hospital have a job offer from US employers she will leave that hospital immediately and work here as well...it is already a given fact that through nursing you will have better opportunity and better life if one chose to work outside the country...Fast turn overs has been a chronic problem, the administrators of the hospital have to ask themselves why nurses leave them and they know the reason why and they don't do anything at all, so why stay?
  9. majority of the questions are close-ended and slightly judgemental..people that will answer your questions will sound defensive of which will affect your research project. it is sometimes better that if your questions are close-ended try to have multiple choice with it and rather than letting the subjects explaining the reasons have multiple choice in it as well.. the questions can go like this: 1) Doesn't it bother you and your family that you would be working abroad, meaning you will be living there all by yourself? A. Yes B. No If you anwer B, the reasons are: A. Have family in states B. Monetary reasons and my priority, family come in second C. I like the independence D. Other --list all the possible answers but limit it to 4..these kind of questions and listing possible answers will help you draw result and recommendation ...hope this helps..goodluck on your research!
  10. asianrn

    Casual ICU work

    I have a coworker that worked casually and not full time for a year in ICU though he was granted an interview with some schools that he applied to, none of which accepted him--all same reasons he lacked ICU experience. Why don't you want to be full time and just work casually in other department?
  11. asianrn

    St. Mary's

    Saint Mary's have waiting lists that carries over the next year. So they probably have enough students from last year's application to fill in for this year..but it's always good to call 'em to check it out.
  12. you only have 2 questions to ask yourself..do i want to work in the US or not. If you decided to work and stay in the Philippines, then by all means don't do any retake of any of the exams...if you want to work in US, you have no choice but to comply with their decisions. And don't suggest any foul play or racial discrimnation, nobody's forcing anybody to work in US...I understand the hardship of studying and all, but like I said you have to ask yourself if you want to stay put or venture out...
  13. asianrn

    ICU vs ER Critical Car experience.....

    A friend of mine was accepted with 6 years level 1 ER experience..I guess it depends on the school you're applying but the majority will want you to have ICU experience.
  14. asianrn

    Does time pass slow in the OR?

    are you for real?.. i'm not in school yet, but when I take care of my very sick patient in the ICU I don't even have time to pee let alone an Ipod in my ear.. turning the alarms off are grounds for termination..
  15. asianrn

    Organic or biochemistry

    you are talking about the subject test for the GRE...it's the general test that most CRNA programs requires..like the other posters had said it is testing your knowledge in math from algebra, geometry and stat; and for english, it's vocabulary to reading comprehension and essay writing..
  16. asianrn


    if you want to be competitive--and we all are anyway..take your GRE and you have more choices in terms of school and you are not limiting yourself..from WSU, UofM, UDM and I heard MSU might open next year..you can apply at Oakland University and Georgetown by all means, at least with a competitve GRE on your application, you can go wherever you want from Florida to Illinois, Texas, TN, NY etc...

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