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hi. does anyone here have tried applying in afp medical center for rn residency this is a six months training. i just want to ask if they have physical requirement to those aspiring applicant? what... Read More

  1. by   sassyces
    i also took the qualifying exam last june 24, we were told to wait f0r the 1st wk of July for the result. With that, what do they mean? Like, since today is july 1st, do I wait startng today until fri or is it next week? Tia.
  2. by   bonaddictus
    too bad i was a day late to sit on the test
  3. by   invisible
    My friend went to V. Luna the other day, and according to one of the training staff, the results might be released on Monday, July 6. If anyone else has information about this, please let us know too. I hope I make the cut, but I'm not counting on it too much because I don't have any backers
  4. by   sassyces
    I'll drop by the AFP Med. Ctr on Monday. Hope they'll have the result posted by then. Hopefully, we'll be one of the lucky ones who made it.
  5. by   ilovetiggerdear
    They haven't posted the list yet as of today. Will check again tomorrow and update you guys. I'll try to take a picture of the list and post it here so those of you who live far from AFP won't have to go there just to check.
  6. by   fdar
    i aLso took the quaLifying exam at AFPMC juz Last may.. it was a bunch of computation reaLLy.. m'not expecting to pass though(performance wise) but stiLL good Luck to aLL of us who took it!!

    ' juz gLad i fnd a topic i couLd reLate to and get infos about the resuLts
  7. by   steadRN
    When will be the next batch of qualifying exams? Do they still accepting applicants for this program? if yes, what are the requirements. Thanks.
  8. by   r0b0c0p
    Thanks ilovetiggerdear for lending me and others a helping hand.
  9. by   krausse19
    yeah. am also waiting for the result... hehehe
  10. by   steadRN
    is there still accepting applicnts for the next batch of this program? Thanks.
  11. by   ilovetiggerdear
    Still no official results. According to Ms. Juliet, the list will be posted by Friday (hopefully!!!). Application for the August to February Batch is already closed but for the next batch try to sign-up for the exam as early as September. You don't need any requirement to take the exam. You will only be asked to bring all of your documents AFTER you have passed the exam. I'll keep you guys updated! GOOD LUCK!
  12. by   sassyces
    For the 2nd time this week, I dropped by the AFPMC this aftrnoon and I was told that the result will be posted on Monday (July 13).
  13. by   sassyces
    i asked the lady in the nursing office for their phone number so that i can call first to be sure that the next time i go to afpmc, the result has already been posted. god bless to us all! hope we'll make it!

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