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Hi,.! This is something about the dialysis trainings offered here in the Philippines. I just wanna ask if there are ANY OTHER canters accredited by the RENAP aside from the following: B Braun and... Read More

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    sir maverick is there a training for dialysis in NSPI for this month or next month?
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    Archrenal, i am not connected with them anymore. You can drop by and inquire, they are at 146 west ave, quezon city. In front of landbank west ave. Walking distance from SM north.

    The staff are very accomodating.
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    thanks for the infor..
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    thank you sir maverick.. highly appreciate it! i just wanna have my life back.. i've been a dialysis nurse for three years and now im almost a year not in dialysis. i am willing to undergo training again @ NSPI because as u have said its for free. i just want to learn again because thats more important than the salary and the fulfillment you have in doing something you really enjoy. Sorry for the sentiments.
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    No worries Archrenal.

    God bless on whatever endeavor you undertake.
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    sir what hospitals are conducting hemodialysis training for 2012? and how much po? i want to enrol to hemodialysis training. thank u so much.
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    I tried inquiring about upcoming Hemodialysis trainings around the metro and here's the info i gathered..

    Fresenius Medical Care
    Start: March 19
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Fee: 13,000 php
    Requirements: PRC lic, IVT lic/Cert, Hepa titer (HbsAg and HbsAb), Resume, 2x2 any background color
    1610-11 Ayala Triangle Twr. 1, Ayala Ave., Makati City, , Philippines
    63 02 891 9575,

    Philippine Renal Care/Aesculap Academy/B. Braun Avitum Dialysis Center
    Start: July 16- Aug 24
    Duration: 5 weeks
    Fee: 10,000 php
    Requirements: PRC lic, IVT lic/Cert, Hepa titer, Resume
    Bring all requirements on the first day
    Add/Contact: 6337284 to 95
    *Didactics will be held at Aesculap and clinical at BBraun

    Start: 2nd week of April
    Duration: 3 months
    Fee: 18,000 php ( must give 50% upon reservation)
    Requirements: TOR, PRC lic, Board Rating, IVT lic/Cert
    Add/Contact: (+63) 7231052(+63) 7220728(+63) 7221586
    Bonaventure Plaza Auxiliary Building IIOrtigas Avenue, Greenhills San Juan
    Metro Manila

    Nephro System Philippines Inc.
    Start: No definite date (applicants will be contacted)
    Duration: 3 months
    Fee: 5,000 (will be returned to trainee at the end of the training)
    Requirements: Resume (must be passed on site)
    Add/Contact: (632) 531-5344; (632) 534-3226
    Ground Floor Eastgate CenterMandaluyong City, Philippines

    Metropolinan Hospital Renal Center
    Start: March 19
    Duration: 2 months
    Fee: 11,000 php
    Requirements: IVT license...
    *they instructed me to drop by their office on the 3rd floor to get the rest of the requirements..
    Add/Contact: 256-3016

    Asia Renal Care Dialysis Center
    Start: March 19
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Fee: 13,000php
    Requirements: PRC lic, IVT lic/Cert, Hepatiter, Hepa Vaccine (dose card), Resume, 2x2 pic
    2nd Foor Paragon Bldg. Edsa, Mandaluyong City,
    Telephone No. (632) 687-6611

    Philippine Kidney Dialysis Foundation
    Start: March 5
    Duration: 5 weeks
    Fee: 18,000 php (allowed in installment basis. The fee covers the hepa profile and 2 sets of scrubs)
    Requirements: PRC lic
    Add/Contact:7 Scout Gandia St., Quezon City
    #79 Don Alejandro Roces Avenue cor. Scout Santiago, Quezon City.
    el. Nos.: 373-5351, 373-5366, 373-2862, 374-5487
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    Thank you so much for sharing the information with us, katakamotenars. I'm also interested in dialysis nursing. ^_^
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    Some more info:

    I have posted this back at the other thread but I'd like to re-post it since I noticed it's cheaper. When I inquired at Nephrology Center of Manila (part of the Nephro System Philippines Inc. mentioned above), the clerk told me that the training fee costs Php 3000 which is good for 3 months. It is refundable once the program is completed.

    It seems that they have different prices even though they are from a single company.
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    I called NSPI West Ave. branch to inquire regarding the HD training. The woman I talked to said all branches of NSPI would stop conducting HD trainings from now on.. Can someone verify this? I've been trying to call their main office but no one is answering their phone..
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    Yes, I recently learned that NephroGroup will conduct a restructuring of their training program.

    Before, every branch was autonomous when it comes to recruiting trainees and implementing a system on how the training will be conducted. That's how it was when I got first exposed in renal nursing 3 years ago. One branch would have a training bond while the others have it for free. Some branches are too strict on attendance and adherence while one would be too lenient.

    Back in those days, on the first day of duty we are immediately put on the clinical area, doing stuff such as vital signs monitoring and helping in whatever way you can. The lectures would be like 2-3 hours every week and it's up to the trainee to read on additional books or references to gain more knowledge.

    On the new system, it will be centralized. Think of it as like how Fresenius Medical Care Philippines conducts their trainings. There will be a structured theory/classroom setup lessons for the first two or three months before exposing the trainees to the clinical area. So basically there will be no clinical "duty" at the start. Once the trainees pass the theory part then they get to proceed to clinical preceptorship.

    So it will be like a formal school of dialysis nursing.

    Regarding who to contact or where to submit your resumes, I still have no idea but keep calling the nephro branches and inquire about it.

    Good luck!
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    By the way, i forgot to mention that there's also a new training fee to be implemented. I don't exactly know how much but it will be a bit heavy on the pocket. At least 15k. If it will cost that much maybe it will be really good. I have yet to know on which renal nursing curriculum will they pattern it from (most probably from the US) and who will be the instructors. I know several superb preceptors and I hope they will be part of the faculty. I would like to stress that this is a comprehensive and extensive program that will last at least 4 months so it's worth the fee. Unlike in other renal units which charge 8k or 12k, you only get the very basics and it's done in just 5 weeks.
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    By the way, the new training fee for the restructured Nephrogroup training program is a bit heavy on the pocket, at least 15k.

    But it's a comprehensive program lasting at least 4 months, so it's better since you get exposed in HD nursing longer than what the other centers offer to their trainees. In other centers trainees have to pay 8k or 12k and they only get the training for 5 weeks, which they learn just the very basics.

    And my former colleagues still working there also told me it's a training program progressing to being a staff nurse. This is a good thing because once you got in, you're already assured of a staff position after the training.