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Hi,.! This is something about the dialysis trainings offered here in the Philippines. I just wanna ask if there are ANY OTHER canters accredited by the RENAP aside from the following: B Braun and Avitum Phils., Philippine... Read More

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    Sounthern Philippines Medical Center or Mindanao Dialysis Center in davao however you need to take an exam first, if you pass then you can proceed to the training...

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    Quote from kristel
    do u have an idea how much it will cost? and how long? and which is better nephro system inc or asia renal care? thank you! more power.

    For nephrology center of manila, Dialysis Training is for 3 months
    Php 3,000.00 training bond.
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    Quote from saitee
    For nephrology center of manila, Dialysis Training is for 3 months
    Php 3,000.00 training bond.
    Thanks for this info. DO they conduct training even this final quarter of the year?
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    Hi! i just want to know if there's a payment for training in nephro services? if so, do u know how much?
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    There's no payment for training at nephro services or NSPI.
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    sir meron this november 2011? do you have any contact number sir.

    staff note. please post only in english. tagalog removed
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    sir maverick is there a training for dialysis in NSPI for this month or next month?
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    Archrenal, i am not connected with them anymore. You can drop by and inquire, they are at 146 west ave, quezon city. In front of landbank west ave. Walking distance from SM north.

    The staff are very accomodating.
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    thanks for the infor..
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    thank you sir maverick.. highly appreciate it! i just wanna have my life back.. i've been a dialysis nurse for three years and now im almost a year not in dialysis. i am willing to undergo training again @ NSPI because as u have said its for free. i just want to learn again because thats more important than the salary and the fulfillment you have in doing something you really enjoy. Sorry for the sentiments.

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