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rogue_maverick has 4 years experience and specializes in Nephrology-Dialysis/Surgery/Orthopaedics.

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  1. How to get out of dialysis nursing?

    I'm now planning my exit from dialysis nursing (or perhaps clinical setting at the least). I'm currently working on my MBA (multi-sector healthcare) and after I get my degree, I will bid goodbye to my comfort zone for half a decade. Time for a fresh ...
  2. Training on Dialysis

    @ ceridwyn Of course we do. But the situation nursing in the Philippines is different from that of first world countries. This is the sad reality that Philippine nurses have to go through right after earning the license to practice the profession. S...
  3. Training on Dialysis

    In my opinion, the NKTI and Fresenius Medical Care offers the best combination of theory-clinical practice in renal nursing. Why? Because they have a broader scope of training, which includes PD and KT. Prior to the establishment of nephro synergies ...
  4. Training on Dialysis

    Sad to say, but yes. Just look at how many free-standing dialysis unit have opened up in the last 2 years in Metro Manila alone. There's actually an interplay between supply and demand not only concerning the increasing number of patients, but also t...
  5. Training on Dialysis

    Make the most of your training JLLandero.
  6. Training on Dialysis

    Precisely. Then at least aspiring renal nurses would be more willing to shell out let's say at 25K or 35k pesos, but exposure would include acute and chronic hemodialysis, PD and CRRT. (Even I would be interested in that.). In short, it would be a C...
  7. Training on Dialysis

    Very well said dodoy. High five!
  8. Training on Dialysis

    What? 35K? I wasn't aware it was that expensive. Well, that is an amount that you just can't disregard. But it is still your call. Try also inquiring at NKTI. They have a dialysis nursing training that's quite cheaper for the same length of training,...
  9. Training on Dialysis

    I have no exact figure, but what I heard, it will be more or less 20k.
  10. Training on Dialysis

    Training concerns from metro manila branches of nephrogroup dialysis centers will be handled by one department, nephro synergies. Please do some back reading on this thread, I have provided the link and info regarding orientation schedule and curricu...
  11. Training on Dialysis

    But as a renal nurse trained in and who have worked longer in the Philippines than abroad, I still follow the KDOQI guidelines more than the KDIGO.
  12. Training on Dialysis

    KDOQI is more followed in the US and countries adapting the US system in terms of renal healthcare delivery, i.e. the Philippines. In Europe (and current and former colonies of European countries) we follow the guidelines of KDIGO (Kidney Disease Imp...
  13. Training on Dialysis

    Nephrogroup Hemodialysis Nursing Curriculum Module 1: Lecture 15 days (5 days a week or 3 weeks) All the relevant theory will be gone over in detail. This will also include simulations Module 2: Monitoring, Observation, and Priming: 15 days (5 days a...
  14. Training on Dialysis

    DIALYSIS NURSE TRAINING Orientation Mezzanine, 169 EAST GATE CENTER EDSA, MANDALUYONG (after VRPMMC hospital --formerly Polymedic) Wed 16 May -- 3 to 5 Fri 18 May --- 3 to 5 Sat 19 May --- 10 to 12 Limited slots available! Please email mamnephro@ya...
  15. How to write up a verbal warning for indirect behavior

    On a similar note, how do you deal with eagerly competitive colleagues? Like the ones who feel and act like they are the charge nurses, to the point that they compete or go against the charge nurse's style of management?