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  1. Good day nurses I would just like to know if there are any nurses here in the UK (who got registered by passing the 2-part exam), has successfully been waived to take the bridging program in Australia. Or what they call registration in principle. I have been searching for anyone who has done this and what were the outcomes. Most of the foreign UK RNs that I know who were exempted from the bridging program are the ones who did the ONP. Hoping to hear from anyone with knowledge about this. Thanks
  2. Husband: Hey Brenda, just when I thought you're armpits are the darkest parts of your body, you come home with those eyebags!! Wife: Cut the cr*p Mike!! Hurry and get my caffeine shots or I'll bury your face in those "dark armpits" that you're saying.
  3. dodoy

    Nursing Life Daily Checklist..

    Today is just like any other ordinary day of my life. The alarm clock didn't have to bother screaming loudly as I've been awake way before it was supposed to do its job. Despite the cozy warmth of the blanket and an enticing bed weather, I have to get up. It took a couple of minutes before the urge to finally get up came. However, in between that time of waking up and getting out of bed, the machine in my head has started its day. A myriad of thoughts has started flashing, like a dam-release. No holding back. Bills. Career. Relationship. Long-term plans. Each has their own chunk of space in my head. Screaming, yearning for answers. Churning out questions. Knocking the wits out of me. And just like how life's supposed to be lived, I try to find solutions. It all happened in a matter of minutes, but it made me feel drowned in the thoughts. We can never always find all the right game plan for all our issues in an instant, or can we? There will always be some bits and pieces that will need sorting. The cool December breeze was all it took to nudge me from the limbo. "You still have a shift to do", I told myself. After a quick shower and a few minutes of prep, I found myself walking towards the hospital. A Monday surely is a guarantee of a busy day, and I've found myself sensitized to such. In my head, I was thinking that this is a good thing. Or at least that's what I was trying to convince myself. At least there's an ongoing solution for the bills. Bills - Check. The handover was given quickly, albeit a bit crappy. I found myself again, tapping my shoulders, saying to myself "To make you focus on something else". Thankfully, the shift was quite uneventful. The things that were left for me and my co-nurses to do kept us occupied, but not too much for the shift to be unsafe. As the shift was coming to its end, the head nurse came to speak to me about the changes in shift hours and why will be there some revisions in the future. To make it short, they would have to cut the hours of some due to staffing-related issues. I have been contemplating about leaving the unit as I've perceived before that this will be happening in the future. Career - pending. On my way home, I checked my mobile and read the almost-template message of my girlfriend from halfway across the globe. It has been like that for quite some time. Add to that the idea that she doesn't want to move over where I am, and I won't be able to move to her place due to difference in plans. It felt like a deadlock. Relationship - pending. With the advent of change in hours and a relationship-difference, the steering wheel for my life has been on a confused state. Should I get registered there? When should I start? When do I file my resignation? Will I be able to support myself if I transfer to somewhere else? Long-term goals - pending. As I arrived at home, with clothes changed and shower done, I sat over the balcony with a cup of warm tea in my hand. It came to me how utterly amazing the healthcare workers are. That despite all the issues and inner battles that we have within ourselves, it has always been like an automatic response to show a kind and caring demeanor in our workplace. It was only during that time I remembered how thankful the patient was for being cleaned after her bowel movement. The smile from the eyes of a long-term patient when I congratulated him for his discharge tomorrow morning after a 2-month stay due to an eventful procedure, just in time before Christmas. The appreciation of a porter who needed someone to keep the unit doors open as he pushed a hospital bed out of the unit. These things, in all their varying degrees of relevance to nursing, has amazingly kept me occupied from whatever I needs sorting in my own life. And ironically, sane. Today's life checklist might not be fully completed, but I can say I've found solace. Tomorrow's another day.
  4. dodoy

    filipino nurse: uk vs ireland

    They used to be almost the same a few months back, but the effect of Brexit really hit it hard.
  5. dodoy

    filipino nurse: uk vs ireland

    I think the salary offers for both countries don't differ that much. Many people are a bit quick to jump that Ireland's offer is higher because they often miss the currency sign before the values. One must take into consideration that the currency for Ireland is Euro and GBP (pounds) for UK. In comparing offers, there are also factors to consider such as the place of deployment (whether in the city or countryside) as this can affect the range of wages that you can receive. Same goes with other commodities like housing, cost of food and other necessities, etc. In terms of opportunities, I have no idea how it goes in Ireland. In the UK, the opportunities for growth vary per Trust depending on the funds, policies, the need for advanced practice staff, etc.
  6. dodoy

    2010 board passer, did not practice nursing ever

    hi lesrn2010 To answer your question, I have no idea whether PRC still allows nurses to take the Midwifery Licensure exam even if you just have an MCN component in your studies. Best to ask PRC directly about this. As for hemodialysis training, there are many institutions offering a course for a hefty fee. They have varying durations and amounts which requires you to do a bit of research for each program available for you to make the most out of it. For advice regarding coming back and practicing as a nurse, there are many questions that you need to answer for yourself. Like what is the compelling reason for you to practice the profession? Is it just because of the envy of seeing your previous classmates who are reaping the fruits of what they previously sow? Will you be able to handle starting from scratch and living at a wage way below what you currently receive? Do you think you'll be able to maintain the drive to stick with the decision of practicing nursing even though it's been weeks, months or years and you still haven't found a work/training ground? These are just some of the issues that you need to have an answer to help you come up with a decision. I fully understand that each of our circumstances dictate the actions that we do today and what we plan for the future. I can't blame you for choosing the path that you've chosen before. It must've been the best thing to do during that time for you, and as I've said, it all depends on the present circumstances. If ever you decide to practice nursing again, let me just give some advice. The profession is rewarding in many aspects, but it isn't all rainbows and butterflies. I can vouch that these friends of yours who are now working abroad have had their fair share of discouraging experiences in the profession before they achieved what they presently have. This is not to scare you or anything, but just to present the reality and let you know that while they seem so successful today, it's because they've worked really hard for it. Behind all those glamorous FB posts are humiliation, sacrifice, dumb moments, tears, and everything else in between. Best of luck to whatever path you choose. May you come up to the best possible decision you can have, and have an unwavering resilience to stand up against the challenges that might come your way.
  7. dodoy

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    Hi! From what agencies do you come from? I'm a bit torn to choose (without being boastful) from the offers given and would really love to have some feedback from the agencies that you are affiliated with (just in case it's one of those that gave a job offer to me). It can really help me decide which to choose as they all have a deadline for me to take or reject their offers. Thank you!
  8. Considering the limitations of the major population with regard to healthcare services (financial resources, government funding, updated technology in medical practice, etc.), vascular access surveillance is often overlooked and undermined in the Philippines, so I'm guessing you'd have little feedback. Not necessarily because it's not important but because of the reasons stated above. Many would rather have the resources used in what seems to them a more appropriate need to invest their funds on, than a sub-category of their immediate needs. In one of the biggest hospitals in the Philippines where I previously worked, there is no dedicated unit for such. The closest thing that gets to such monitoring are the vascular surgeons themselves. I am not sure with NKTI though. Western countries or 1st world countries are the ones mostly inclined to having specialist positions particularly because of the advancements that they have and how their healthcare system goes. Like here in a certain European country, there is a dedicated vascular access unit. Apart from that, the chronic HD unit has a stay-in vascular access specialist nurse who does his clinic and reviews matters related to dialysis access problems.
  9. dodoy

    HD nursing in the UK

    Hi I know that the posts here are generally from the US but still want to take the chance to ask if there are any UK-based Hemodialysis nurses here, and could you kindly paint a picture for me how a typical day in your work goes? I'll be joining a hospital soon (so I'm thinking it'll be acute rather than chronic HD) and I was placed in the hemodialysis department so I was hoping to get some idea how things go there. HD had been my previous field of nursing before my most recent experience which is cardiology nursing. I'd like to know general stuff as well like: When do you draw labs? Is reprocessing of dialyzers practiced? What are your practices in relation to cannulation? In handling IJ/SC catheters? And some other things you think that might be useful in helping a new associate adjust in the UK HD nursing field. I tried searching for this topic in the UK nursing boards but I failed to see one (if there were any at all). Thank you
  10. dodoy

    IELTS Regular or IELTS UKVI for NMC

    NMC registration: 7.0 and up in all subtests (Regular o UKVI type) Visa Processing (For Tier 2): 4.0 and up (UKVI type only) Hence, many agencies will suggest to you to take the UKVI type if you're opting to be a registered nurse in the UK since it satisfies both the NMC registration and UK visa application requirements (as long as you meet the minimum of 7.0). If in the event that you fail to achieve the 7.0 in all in UKVI IELTS for NMC registration, you may take the regular academic module next time to achieve the 7.0 (since regular academic is much cheaper). The UKVI type that didn't reach all 7 will then be used instead for visa processing (as long as its 4.0 and up) Hope this helps. Consult with your agencies as well since they may be more aware of recent changes in the requirements of each authority.
  11. dodoy

    NMC Test Online

    Mine took 5 days from delivery in London before being reflected as "received" in the NMC account.
  12. dodoy

    NMC Test Online

    The province where you currently are residing, or if in the city, just write Metro Manila. For example, Quezon City, Metro Manila (the city though has a different field I believe, so just Metro Manila, just showed an example).
  13. dodoy

    NMC Test Online

    Be patient in checking this whole thread (Yes, I mean from page 1 up to the most recent) and you'll see there's a ton of information not only with regard to the exam, but also about the full application and assessment stage.
  14. dodoy

    NMC Test Online

    From IPAMS here as well, but haven't been given such instructions. I had them check my documents first before I sent it so hopefully everything goes well and right. My friend who has already gotten her DL said that once the option to "Open" your Full Assessment and Application Stage is gone, the verdict for your documents will come really soon. I hope the trick's right though. Best of luck to us.