where to get medication administration, first aid and CPR courses done in Toronto, ON

  1. 0 Hello everyone

    I am internationally educated nurse with BScN degree. I am new to toronto, ontario and want to know about the college/ school or institution from where I can get my medication administration certification done. My certificate has been expired so it will be re-certification I believe. Also, I want to know where to get First aid and CPR courses done with reasonable fees.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Moved to the Canadian forum

    British Red Cross should be able to get your First Aid and CPR done
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    Did you try using google? Someting like "nursing programs toronto" once you find the college that offers nursing programs then you can look for continueing education.

    You can also use google to find a cpr class "cpr toronto" "BCLS Toronto.

    Google is always your best friend
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Moved to the Canadian forum

    British Red Cross should be able to get your First Aid and CPR done

    I didn't know the British Red Cross had offices in Toronto??
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    I'm a native Torontonian. Never heard of British Red Cross. And yes, there are many options throughout the GTA for course work. Google is my friend when I need to research anything in a hurry.
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    apologies meant to say Red Cross
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    In the past, I got my CPR from St. John's Ambulance two-day training sessions.
    Or, another time I got it through my employer - SRT Med-Staff arranged for training
    session for interested staff at their office (probably I paid a fee for this).
    You might be interested to check out SRT (it's an agency, so you indicate when
    you are available to work, and they were great to work for).

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