Are fresh new nurses provided adequate training in Toronto, ON area hospitals (ie: UHN)?

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I'm currently in nursing school in the USA, graduating this Spring. I will do the NCLEX and get nursing license here. However, I want to move back to Toronto, ON very soon after, without even working in the USA.
I know that nurses are in high demand in Toronto, ON. However, I'm worried...

Are new, freshly minted nurses given adequate amount of training and ramping up time in Toronto, ON area hospitals (ie: UHN)?
...or are they thrown into the deep end/the wolves right away?

I'm worried that because of the staffing crisis (is there one?) that I won't get off to a good start in my nursing career.

Could you please share your recent experiences starting out as a new nurse in Toronto, ON?


If you're okay with working with children, sickkids have a pretty good orientation period. I think it was something like around 10 shifts where you have a clinical supervisor with your new hire group and another 10 shifts with a preceptor. You also have some in class days too. 

In Alberta, orientation is 4 shifts in addition to an in-classroom stint for a few days.  There is no staffing crisis here ATM, due to a huge IEN hiring campaign/program a few months ago. Currently, there are no pick-up shifts, no OT, and casuals struggle to get hours.  Maybe as Summer approaches, more shifts will become available, not sure, but right now....

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In BC we have a new grad program with a commitment of 6 months.

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