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    Hi I wanted some advice from nurses in Ontario I have always wanted to pursue a career in nursing no matter how difficult. I have always felt a job like this is for me. I want a job that keeps me active and on my feet I also would like to care for people. I am still unsure about being an RN or RPN but have applied for both..

    I want to know what are jobs like in Ontario for nurses? Your experiences? The pay? How hard is it to find a job for a nurse here once you graduate ?

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    I am an RPN in Ontario. I have been out of school almost 6 years.All of my classmates found jobs after graduation, many of us before we had even written the exam.It really depends on where you are looking and what your expectations are. I am about an hour and a half north of Toronto and there are jobs out there.Maybe not a new grads dream job but there are jobs.I think the job market is slightly improving and things could be better down the road.I make almost $28 plus shift differentials.
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    If your at a point in your life where you can spend four yrs in school (no kids, mortgage etc.) then just go for the RN. Higher pay, you start at $30/hr,5-7$ more than an RPn and also the Rn designation opens many more doors for upward mobility. In terms of the job market, I hear its tough for new grads, but that's no different than any other field out there, also by the time you graduate the market might be different.
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    ON is one of the hardest Provinces for new grads to find work, especially if you reside in the GTA. Jobs are there, but scarce. Forget about the new grad initiative for now. Hopefully in 2-4 years, things will start to improve overall. I hope so, because how much longer can this continue? If you are able to relocate, there is a job somewhere. Good luck!
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    I'm an RPN in ON. I graduated, 2 years ago. Had no problems getting a job, in fact I had a few offers. I currently working on my BScN. I think getting an RN job as a new grad is harder from what I hear. I am happy with the way I have done it. I make enough money, and will not have any debt. I decided to go back to school mostly to learn more, and there was nothing to stop me. I think it depends on you, where you are in your life. I got into both prprams but decided to do it this way to make sure it was what I wanted-found out it is!
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    I'm currently a student to become an RPN, but everyone I know who has recently graduated from the Practical Nursing program all got jobs no problem. I live just outside the GTA, so maybe that's why.
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    Graduated 3 years ago and have found 2 full time jobs since. I find the problem in Ontario is that most new grads have to start part time to get experience for a full time job unless they start in LTC/RH/community.

    The new grad initiative is a joke - I wasted so much time on their website and the only interviews I had were competing with hundreds of other nurses. The other issue is the site barely upgrades so places that I was applying to had hired years ago and no longer were looking.
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    HFO is terrible. A few people I knew were hired through the initiative in 2010, but many were not. I also heard that at some facilities, once the 6-7 month funding was up, those new grads had to accept casual or nothing. So hardly worth their efforts, IMO.
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    I am hired through hfo and seriously it's a waste ! In a LTC you learn nothing because the managers put you to do audits . NO real RPN experience and when they are short on the units they will push you by ure self to handle the floor . Stressful and ends you up with nothing after six months . Moving to alberta ASAP so that I can gain some experience in the hospital . Ontario will lead to nothing no jobs for new grads . # my personal experience .
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    Joana73 is totaly right! Hope there comes some light for the new grads soon . In Toronto itself one college graduates 200 students Evrey year! And there are nearly 8 nursing schools or more .

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