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I am looking for a nursing position in a northern community--i would like an experience which provides a certain degree of training/orientation I am open to any advice/interested in hearing others experience I work in intensive... Read More

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    I am very interested in nursing in the remote communities, as I have heard there is a tremendous amount of experience gained and it is very interesting environment to work in. However, I will be graduating as an RPN next year and I was wondering if they take RPN's up north as well. Does anyone know if an RPN can find work up there?

    Many thanks

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    Now, are you talking Registered Practical Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse? It's possible that the communities with full-scale hospitals in them might employ practical nurses, but the outposts and remote health centres will not due to the scope of the job. You might check with FNIHB (Federal Non-Insured Health Benefits, the program that administers to aboriginal communities) and see what they say.
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    Yellowknife employs LPNs. Met a couple when they came down to the CLPNA convention.
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    As I said, communities with full-scale hospitals... Yellowknife qualifies. I figured you'd know, Fiona.
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    I should have clarified - I meant practical nurse - and many thanks for all your replies
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    I am also intersted by Community Nursing in First Nations Community in Northern Ontario.
    I aleardy sent my application to HR office and I am waiting for them?
    Do you know how long takes the hiring process for FNIH ?
    And how their interviews sound like?
    Thank you
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    I am interested in going north and am trying to find the website for Venture Nursing based out of Winnipeg, MB or a contact number for them....anyone able to help me??

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    Hello All! I'm an American nurse and I have interest in working in the northern communities as well. Does anyone know if these agencies consider non-Canadian applicants?
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    You would have to go through the process to obtain a Canadian nursing license. You would have to contact the college of nurses(our licensing bodies are called colleges) for the province/territory where you wanted to work and have your education and experience evaluated.Part of the process of becoming licensed in Canada includes writing and passing the CRNE. BSN is required for nursing licensure in Canada.
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    rnsonia, basically if you meet the criteria for hire listed in the job description (experience, specialty training, current licensure in the province etc) you would be considered as no different from any other applicant. As loriangel14 said, you'll have the usual process for obtaining your registration first, but you would not be treated differently once all of that is done.

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