LPNs in Canada? (Calgary, Alberta specifically)

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    I was just wondering if they're still hiring any LVN/LPN's in Calgary, Alberta? And does anyone know how the job market for nurses (LPN specifically) across Calgary/Canada is? I know here in the U.S., LPN jobs are becoming more obsolete...unfortunately.

    I have a cousin in Calgary who is an RN and told me that the hospitals are in are hiring nurses, rn's and lpn's. Can anyone attest to this?

    Also how do "get" an "arranged employment"? Working permit? (that hopefully lead a way to permanent residency) I am currently in California and working my way through to be a LPN/LVN and eventually become an RN.

    Any input would be appreciated!
    Thanks for your time!

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    Your post has been moved to the Canadian Nursing forum for a better response rate.
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    Check CIC in regards information and procedure to get work permit but you will require a employer willing to get a LMO
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    I am in Calgary and yes there are jobs for LPNs. You can use Indeed.ca to search LPN jobs or google using the terms "ahs jobs calgary".

    You will have to meet LPN licensing requirements in Alberta as well as immigration. Google CLPNA.

    As a new grad there is little chance that you can get an employer to give you an LMO.
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    Canada isn't importing nurses unless they have a very specific skill set.

    The PN education in Alberta is quite different from the US. Much longer, and based on the old diploma RN programme. It' is aimed at providing nurses for Alberta. Google Norquest or Bow Valley College and see what they require for education.
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    thank you!
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    umm..where can I go/find the canadian nursing forum? hahaI tried looking scouting around and no luck.
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    Quote from parafreddy
    umm..where can I go/find the canadian nursing forum? hahaI tried looking scouting around and no luck.
    Your post is now in the Canadian Nursing forum. If you go to the yellow bar at the top of the site, click world, the list of International Nursing forums will be there, then just select Nursing In Canada.
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    I have to ask a couple of questions. It seems like everytime a US election is forthcoming, we get loads of the "I want to move to Canada" posts from the US.

    You do realize that we have universal healthcare, most nurses are unionized, and that abortion is a covered service? That marriage is legal for all genders. We have two official languages and we don't all say "eh". We're not all polite and cuddly. Our Mounties don't drive squad cars in red serge and we don't live igloos.

    We're Canada a very different nation from yours.
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    we don't live in igloos??? Now Fiona that has really upset me

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