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Hello everyone! Anybody in here who is undergoing the Provincial Nominee Program in any provinces in Canada by their employer? It would be much appreciated if you will share your experiences... Read More

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    Quote from breech
    january 2008 submitted crnbc application and at the same time looking for canadian employer.

    march 2008 pre-assessment letter received from crnbc asking me a copy of the retake
    scores of tests 3 and 5 of the june 2006 nle.

    april 2008 assessed and made eligible with crnbc.

    june 2008 interview with the employer over the phone.

    july 2008 received job offer thru email.

    august 2008 provincial nominee program (pnp) application started.

    october 1, 2008 pnp application sent to ministry of economic development for
    nomination by health match bc.

    october 14, 2008 successful nomination from the province of british columbia as provincial nominee.

    october 27, 2008 received an e-mail telling me of the successful nomination.

    november 3, 2008 received permanent residence application package from bc pnp office.

    november 10, 2008 visa application sent to canadian embassy, manila. (work permit & permanent
    residence applications). payment made thru manager's check and bank draft.
    work permit - php 6,300 ($150 cad), permanent residence - php 22,000 ($550 cad).

    november 12, 2008 all documents were returned and received notice of incorrect payment processing
    fee. (effective november 10, 2008, the processing fee for work permit is
    php 6,000.00 equivalent to $150 cad due to currency fluctuation.

    november 15, 2008 documents resent to canadian embassy, manila.

    december 5, 2008 - received notice for medicals from the embassy:d

    december 8, 2008 - medicals completed

    present - waiting for the next notice from the embassy
    hi breech. im also an rn here in the philippines. i have no hospital experience yet. can i apply even without experience? i want to apply in bc. can you help me with the processing. i also want to ask some personal info. can i ask for you ym? i could not pm you here. here's my ym. pls reply. thanks
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    to silverdragon
    im planning to apply in nova scotia as a r.n. and regarding that verification of current registration im currently licensed here in dubai, philippines and u.s. do you think i need to include my us licensed which were expired already and never been used because i didnt work there?and to which state between new mexico and pennsylvania will i send the form?because i was license on those 2 states?pls enlighten me...
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    I didn't include my US validation as I hadn't worked in the US and the college asked for it verifying so had to arrange with AZ to do it so I would say yes submit it with your application

    (I had 2 US state licenses but only submitted the latest one which was AZ)
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    would it take long for them to verify my license with them because its expired already?so i'll just forward that verification form (probably i'll choose PA) and they will just forward that to crnns?thank you so much!your really a great help!
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    My AZ license had expired and I had no problems with verification. I would go with your last US license as I told them I had both NY and AZ but AZ was the latest and that was the one they wanted
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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    My AZ license had expired and I had no problems with verification. I would go with your last US license as I told them I had both NY and AZ but AZ was the latest and that was the one they wanted
    I did exactly the same - went with the only current US license I had, which was NM. THere were some verification issues as NM won't provide paper verification anymore - it's all on-line but in the end CARNA accepted it.
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    thank you so much silverdragon!!!!!