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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    Can a student nurse chime in?When your mother is telling you about a road trip up the coast she is making with some of her retired friends and you start talking about how they need to get out and walk every two hours and the S/S of DVT. Then you ask if any of them are on hormone replacement therapy and/or smoke!

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    You have a nightmare that the foley which was supposed to be removed from the patient yesterday is still in.
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    I once woke my sister up and asked her why she did not call me when my patient was having a seizure.
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    When the UPS man comes, you sign your name w/RN
    When your family keeps calling you for medical advice.
    X-mas/birthday presents usually include something w/ "nurse" or "RN" on it.
    When your spouse would rather bleed to death than have you look at his hand that he's cut w/a knife.
    When your parents introduce you as "our nurse", instead of "our daughter".
    When someone hears you are a nurse, they automatically assume you are "making the BIG bucks!"
    When you have to constantly explain what something medical means to your kids or spouse.
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    You know that you are a nurse when you are eating with a colleague, and you notice that the wait staff is dirrecting patrons to the other side of the resturant with the urgency of firefighters dirrecting people away from a toxic chemical spill. (True story, by the way.)
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    You know you're a nurse when you find stashes of band-aids and sterile gauze in purses you aren't using "just in case" anything were to happen. (I made this discovery the other day. haha).
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    When your daughter calls you in the middle of the night to come over to her house and clean and change the sheets to your grandkid that just threw up every where.
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    You know you're a nurse when your teenage children understand terms like code, brady (cardia), vent(ilator), and demise AND they know which terms necessitate a glass of wine for Mama.
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    When the thought of going home for the holidays exhausts you due to the fact that everyone in the family will be asking you about their vague possible illnesses, their chronic illnesses, or their medications. That your large semi-hickified family cannot comprehend an answer to their questions that includes "I don't know", "I don't have enough information about this issue to give you a complete answer", or "You should see a doctor about that" and will continue to repeat their multitude of questions until you are ready to beat yourself unconcious. But just like your patients, you love them to much to quit trying. So you sigh, prepare for the week long inquisition, and fondly remember the days your family use to tell you about themselves and not just what their poop looked like after dinner.
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    You believe there is a special place in Hell for the inventor of the call light.
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