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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    Quote from Esme12
    I resemble that remark.....

    I call my report sheet my "brain". I have been known to be seen running all over the building lookin for my "brain" which is where I put my patients vital signs on!!

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    When you assess lower extremity edema and possible origin due to color and symmetry in the elderly customers while shopping.
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    I was told many years ago I knew I was a nurse if I could empty a bedpan while eating a peanut butter sandwich....
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    You know you're a nurse when, at a family gathering, one of the kiddos pukes during supper. you clean it up, wash your hands, and go back to eating like nothing happened.

    The more squeamish in the group looked at me like I had 2 head when I asked if they were going to have the rest of thier dessert or not
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    You know you're a nurse when in the middle of cleaning up a huge loose code brown, you say out loud " I have to get brownie mix when I get off work!"

    You know you're a nurse when you do the happy pee-pee dance when your patient finally voids

    You know you're a nurse when you have perfected the art of only going to the bathroom once during your shift and praying that you don't get a UTI.

    You know you're a nurse when you consider coffee one of the important food groups!
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    You know you're a NICU nurse when you cross-train a PICU nurse and say, "..and we have baby X, who is very old..." "How old?" "About 4 months" and the PICU RN bursts out laughing...

    Kudos to you peds and adult nurses. I have no idea what I would do with anything that big.
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    You overhear a conversation comparing ailments and you silently sneak away from them hoping they don't recognize you and ask your opinion.
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    You're helping the surgeon do an I and D on a huge abdominal abscess, and all you can think is, "do they have Brunswick stew in the cafeteria today?"
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    when you take your new orthopedic resident boyfriend home to meet mom on a lovely fall afternoon and since you have
    driven 75 miles on the spur of the moment, she insists you stay for the leg of lamb dinner she's cooking for five friends.

    as dinner begins, your date offers to carve the lamb, and as he carves, he very enthusiastically and in lurid detail, describes
    his very first aka. i was interested but everyone else?and
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    When you ask your significant other if he gave cold medicine to your son and he replies "It wasn't on the MAR" -- and he's not a nurse lol! True story, happened tonight when I got home from work
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