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What does your username mean?

  1. 4 Lets do something fun! Everybody on allnurses.com has a very interesting and unique username. What is the back story of your username? Mine is just like it states, "Life's a Journey!"
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    Well mine is ambiguous. But both meanings apply, I am going to be a student forever and I am in school to learn how to better peoples lives.
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    What can I say, I try to give to my patients in the gentlest ways possible. After all they are often scared, & hurting.
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    Good replies! I think I am going to miss the day of NOT being in school when it is time to graduate years from now lol! Soo true gentlegiver, patients are often scared and hurting and really need somebody there by their side to rely on for care
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    Mine is Spanish for My Crazy Life
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    Me encanta aprender espanol Mi Vida Loca! Yo quiero ser "fluent" en la lengua algun dia.
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    KarmaWiseRaven ( Balanced Wise Messenger )
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    My mothers favorite doll was Raggeddy Ann and she's why I went into nursing. My first year nursing I felt pretty beat up...let's just say cardiac step-down was NOT for me. RaggedyRN is a play on the doll name and how I felt that first year...pretty raggedy....any first years reading this....it does get better Hang in there!

    Ohhh and her best friend gave me this porceline figurine in my avitar picture when I graduated
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    Meriwhen is the name of a character from a science fiction novel. No, the character isn't a nurse/healer/wizard/nurturer of any kind, or even a human being. Meriwhen is a small work horse who's the companion of the hero. I just liked the name
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    My favorite active NASCAR driver is Kevin Harvick. DeLana Harvick is his wife. I would like to have his babies, but the problem is that he's married to her, not me.
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    My name is Elle...and I have a cat. Lol.
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    My favorite color is purple. Also, the school colors for both of my alma maters have purple in them. And I wear scrubs. Ironically I have relatively few literal purple scrubs in my wardrobe, lol.
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    I think my name is fairly self-explanitory! I live in FL and have 5 of my own children. (DH has 4.)

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