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Lets do something fun! Everybody on allnurses.com has a very interesting and unique username. What is the back story of your username? Mine is just like it states, "Life's a Journey!"... Read More

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    Thanks! Yes, I have helped in the ER and on the floors when we have had Deaf pts. I do have to say, I love nursing (been doing it for 21 years) and interpreting (8years). I'm blessed to be able to do what I enjoy....Aloha! And wishing a wonderful weekend to you too.

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    That is pretty awesome!
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    Quote from lifesajourney
    that is pretty awesome!
    i'll 2nd that emotion~
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    I know I'm 3 years late answering this question! Buuuuuuut, I'm a sucker for inspiration.

    My last name is Moorer and I like using it as a pun in my usernames etc. Agape is Greek for the type of love God has for us (unconditional love). We should all show more agape love to each other and our patients even when they are rude/whatev. Hence, MoorerAgape

    And I chose Dobby for my avatar because I think nurses are the muggle versions of house elves-- scrubs and all! WebRep


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    My name is Mary Jean (surprise!) and when I was a kid (in the 60's, before you all were born) there was a Dodge commercial featuring Mean Mary Jean, superstar of our team!

    Problem is, my dad sold Buicks for a living...
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    My daughter's name is Jelani and we call her NiNi (pronounced NeeNee). sooooooooo Also Known As Nini...Akanini!
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    In my secret, non-nurse life, I'm a bike mechanic. When we have a lot of bikes and
    mechanics on the floor, we'll call it a 'wrench party'. Also, in mechanic lingo, wrenching is a term for fixing bikes.
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    I shoot archery. My bow is a Hoyt and has pink strings. Not too creative 😉
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    Savoy Truffle is a song on the B side of the Beatles White album. It's about candy and rotten teeth. "You'll have to have them all pulled out after the savoy truffle" like it's the sweetest, sugariest, teeth rottingest deadly sinful treat ever. So good, and so bad for you.
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    Great bump!

    Very simple: I'm a lady, my birth name means freedom, so I mashed it up with LadyFree...the 28 is my favorite number...and how far I'll go-to the 28th power! I kid...
    ...with my lasso of truth of course.

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