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Okay, somebody had to say it (and I am not sure if anyone has, only a member for a short time), so it might as well be me! As my name on this site would imply, I am a MURSE (that is to say a Male +... Read More

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    Quote from mikethemurse
    Okay, somebody had to say it (and I am not sure if anyone has, only a member for a short time), so it might as well be me! As my name on this site would imply, I am a MURSE (that is to say a Male + Nurse = MURSE). And I just wanted to put to rest some common myths about such strange creatures as myself.

    1. NO I AM NOT A DOCTOR!: First of all I work for a living. Secondly, I didn't flunk med school, or settle to be "just a nurse" It was a conscious decision.

    2. No, I am not homosexual: Some male nurses are gay, I don't happen to be one of them. Just as not all female mechanics are lesbians, I am sure some are, but not all. (P.S. Personally I don't have a problem with anyone's lifestyle, especially nurses or mechanics these are just examples.)

    3. No ladies, we don't have a problem with you asking for a female nurse to take care of you, the problem we have is when we see that all of your doctors are men, yet you have no problem with them caring for you. I still don't get that double standard....Someone please explain!

    4. To our female co-workers: yes we can help you reach that, lift that patient, or take the handsy old guy patient, we know our role, just remember to say thanks every once in a while (boost our male egos, that's all we want)

    5. Yes we have heard it all ladies...the embarrassing girl talk, the what's in this season talk, all of the talk, but please don't pull us into your relationship talk to get a "man's opinion." Chances are we are men, and will agree with the man's side of the story on the inside but will say what will keep us out of trouble at work...WE ARE MEN!!!

    6. To management: you don't have to prove anything to us, we don't all want your job, we are not a threat to your power because of our gender. So relax, and don't go making an example out of us all the time.

    7. Yes I am your nurse, yes I am a man. Now that we have that cleared up....

    8. Question: Why do people have to state my gender before my profession? Really. Oh, did you meet Mike? He is a MALE nurse. As opposed to a male teacher or a male bartender. Odd? or is it just me, by the way, the correct title is MURSE!

    9. Yes, I love my job, no I didn't get into it for the money, or for the fact that I get to work with a lot of women, if I wanted a job that made a lot of money, and gave me the chance to be around a lot of women, I would have become a night club owner, and never have had to wipe any butt besides my own! I got into the field for most of the same reasons as any other nurse in the world.

    10. And the last myth of the MURSE.... Even though we may take some bs from some people in the world we really do love this challenging and rewarding life, and wouldn't change it for the world.

    Well I hope this entertained some, informed some, and was understood by all MURSEs out there in cyber land. Thanks.

    Mike the MURSE

    Ha ha ha! Good read! well on point!

    I work with quite a few Murses, 3 of which I went to nursing school with. I had to print this out and put it in our staff lounge bulletin board.

    BTW, I'm Mike the Murse too.