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So have you been with a patient and for some reason your mind quits working and some stupid opinion or thought (not appropriate) comes slipping out of your mouth? Well that's what I did today and... Read More

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    Dumbest thing I ever said to a Patient? . . .

    "Ma'am, Would you be interested in filling out this Customer Service Questionaire About Your ER Experience?"

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    What a funny thread! I have one: So one day I was walking my blind patients to a chair. I was a step off and caused the patient to gently bump into the chair. I stated" I'm so sorry, this is like the blind leading the blind" I realized what I said and never felt so dumb in my life. I have to admit, sometimes I have no filter....
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    Have another one! I had a patient on methadone tablets. I asked him what methadone clinic he goes to. He stated " I'm not a junkie, I have chronic pain which is why I take the methadone" His story checked out, I felt super guilty and apologized profusely.
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    as a nursing student I had two sisters (one was my pt) who were telling me about their childhood and how the one sister was exactly 10 years older than the other... later on in the conversation I proceded to ask them if they were twins because they looked and talked exactly alike *slaps myself in the head* *REBOOT!*
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    An old dementia/alzheimers pt looks at me as a first semester student and says, " I am gonna fu*k your dirty, hairy, nasty *****. I looked at him and said well apparently you haven't seen mine because thats not even an accurate description". omg I think I turned 10 shades of red.
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    the dumbest thing i said to a pt. hum there's been a few, but the last one was...

    "ma'am the delivery unit is this way i'll take you" the lady wasn't pregnant she suffer from cirrhosis of the liver
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    Ok well here goes mine I tried to take a direct admit pt to the floor the other day get this the guy was short aka no offense a midget and I didnt even look to see which room he was going to, and my dumb@ss wheeled him right to peds, thankfully he was going to gen. surg right up the hall. Lol
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    Sometimes my brain to mouth filter goes dead, too. One time as I untangled multiple IV lines, along with pulse ox, and PCA line, and machine cords on an ambulatory post op, I asked the pt jokingly, and also without thought, "Were you dancing around the pole?" I instantly realized that the question had sounded wrong, and started to explain myself, but thankfully the pt and his wife had a good sense of humor! They knew that I had not meant it in a wrong way, I could not even finish my explanation as we were all laughing so hard. Thank God for good humored patients...
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    My patient had just arrived back from some test, and my friend and I were pulling her over to her bed from the stretcher. Well, the way the stretcher ended up in the room left me with very little space to get to the other side to help. My friend said, "D, think thin!" And I said, "nah, I'd better think legless!" And, can guess that this patient was missing a leg. Of course she was my patient for the next thee 12s...
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    I had just completed my first semester of nursing school and was working as an extern (CNA). I was ona general med-surg floor had a pt who was 2 or 3 days post op on his right foot. He wanted to get up to go to the bathroom. After I got him up and his IV pole ready to roll with him I said "be careful and don't let that IV pole roll over your toes" . He quickly responded to me " I don't guess that'll be a problem since I had them removed a few days ago." Ugh!! Palm to forehead moment there!!!!

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