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Rule is: One sentence. Random thought. Silly is great. Funny would rock. If you're going to be judgmental, GO TO ANOTHER THREAD! FUN ONLY HERE! Fomite is my new favorite word because it sounds like a sandwich spread.... Read More

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    Once heavily burdened with no where else to turn and 2 patients waiting to use the bathroom, I opened the door, . .swallowed, and asked. .

    "Mrs. XXXXX Can I borrow your bedside commode, I promise I will clean it really good when I get finished with it."

    "Yeah Hun, But your welcomed to use my bathroom, you'd have alot more privacy in there."
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    Quote from floridanurse1983
    i thought thread was supposed to be funny and lighthearted. can at least one thread not have the tut tut post in it?
    nope. the "tut tut" post is obligatory.
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    Quote from vespertinas
    you know, i'm sure if they would do it for themselves they could. but they're in an unsual position with no way of getting some of the things they would find comforting at home. this isn't communist russia (i speak from experience) where a hospital means that we're here to serve your most basic survival needs (not even that usually) and then kick you out. if you find it beneath you, you have techs who can assist. but i wouldn't roll my eyes at a nice patient who just wants a cup of coffee to help him get thorugh the day (and maybe be less cranky).

    sorry, i know that came off snappy.
    if you know it came off as snappy, and you know this is a light hearted humor thread, why oh why did you hit the "post comment" button?
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    Quote from Vespertinas
    You know, I'm sure if they would do it for themselves they could. [...] Sorry, I know that came off snappy.
    Blah, blah, blah...isn't there like a DELETE button for those that don't read the initial post stating this is a humor thread? Seriously!
    I personally LOVE this thread. 99% of my patients freaking rock. We do have the occasional drama king/queen, but fortunately they are usually assigned to someone else...he he he.
    My latest of this type really needed to hear this:
    "seriously, I REALLY don't need to hear about your husband's personal sexual preferences." o.O
    To all my other wonderful patients, I will get you tea, coffee, whatever. Thank you for keeping family preferences PRIVATE!
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    LOL. I had one say he was going home, give me his number, and tell me (seriously) to call him when a bed became available so he could come back for it o.O
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    Quote from wooh
    It's in all caps in the thread title: NO JUDGMENTAL FOLKS ALLOWED
    If you want to JUDGE what someone else has said, GO TO ANOTHER THREAD PLEASE!
    Thank you so much for this thread. It is absolutely hilarious and so good to read after a rough day at work. I love my patients and one kind word from them makes everything else worth it to me, but some days are better than others when confronted w/situations that make you wonder, "really? what were you thinking???"
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    *Vegimite is that canned stuff that aussies love to eat on bread as a spread. I think it is Yeast based, but not sure.
    Thanks. Sounds...tasty.
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    Dark brown, salty....and doesn't "concentrated yeast extract" sound divine? 8- P
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    Name:  funny-pictures-rabbit-eats-thread.jpg
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    Vegemite is actually really good on buttered toast.

    I think this topic needs a "finish food and beverages before reading" warning.
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    Strangely, I've had that old Men At Work song stuck in my head lately...

    Everytime I see Vegemite (the do actually sell it at Meijers), I am really intrigued (have been since the 80s probably when that song came out). I am SO curious about how it tastes...

    I mean, I love peanut butter or nutella on my toast. Can something called Vegemite really compare?
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