My best orientation mistakes - page 4

I am week 4 in a 6 week orientation as a new RN in LTC/Rehab. I have done some really stupid stuff so far :lol2: Highlights: 10)__ Tried to hook up an IV antibiotic with kangaroo (g-tube) tubing! 9)__ Unhooked a... Read More

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    ruby vee - that was quite funny.

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    Badphish ~ I'm with you. Lighten up guys. The older regime wasn't perfect and THAT is when all the regulation came into play, now they are just adding to it for the sake of job security and yes, patient safety.

    I'll never forget going into my first med surg patients room and seeing tubes protruding from every orifice possible. Thank the heavens that his wife knew what they all did 'cause I sure didn't. Though I asked my instructor about some of it and found she was correct on every one. It's amazing what patients and their family pay attention to and learn. Just like i have learned a lot from CNAs. EVERYONE has something to learn and teach, NONE of us are perfect, and in nursing a sense of humor is essential. Yes we do stupid things and yes we learn from them and yes there are even those who make tragic mistakes. We are not a perfect lot, just people who choose to do our very best each and every day and pray we do everything the way it should be or get someone to help us who knows how.
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    it reminds me of one time, we were practicing rectal suppository insertion on a mannequin. a classmate of mine was inserting it w/ her middle finger. my instructor screamed, " y r u using that finger?!" my classmate, standing there looking blurred, said, "y not?"
    my instructor gave her a glare & said, " dont use that finger again."
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    Another Spanish speaking story-- my mom is in L&D and has lots of non-English speaking patients. She was trying to learn medical Spanish and asked a patient what she thought was "are you hungry?" (Tienes hambre?). What she actually asked was Tienes hombre? "Do you have a man?" This to a woman who had just had a baby! Opps!
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    I laugh out loud a little bit when I think of a certain silly thing I did in orientation... I had checked an ER patient in all by myeslf, assessed her, inserted a large bore IV for a bolus, collected blood. I was feeling pretty good about myself when I was quickly brought back down to Earth. I went to change out the bag of saline that I erroneously took for empty by pulling the spike from the still hung (and full with about 100CC) bag. I immediately realized the error when the fluid still in the bag came spilling out all over myself and the floor. I'm sure I turned 5 shades of red but the patient got a good laugh out of it!
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    I would love to have access to a 60cc syringe - where did you find that?
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    Okay, this is not so much a mistake as a funny story about myself- yes I am tattling on me.... When I was a new grad, I was very naive to the things of the world... I had a sheltered life and had no idea the crazy shenanagins people do to themself in the name of, shall we say, pleasuring themselves? Well, I had paged the surgeon, with no response, so later when I saw him he said he was sorry he didn't call back, he was in surgery emergently removing a whole carrot from someone's intestines. I looked at him and said, "how did he swallow a carrot whole?" He just stared at me and my preceptor said, "Yes, she's serious." I tell you what, for the next two years, when I least expected it, I would find a carrot in my lunch bag, my pocket, my chart, my locker..... I didn't live it down for a long time.
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    Soo funny. Thanks for reminding me to keep a sense of humor. I've been nervous about starting a new job. Your post is just what I needed.
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    I think Bradleau is a little confused- he apparently thinks it is OK to laugh at patients, and that he never makes mistakes so therefore it is OK to be harsh in his judgement of someone who is having the same struggles that we ALL did when new to this intimidating and somewhat overwhelming career that we have chosen. Quit being so harsh dude!
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    Quote from regularRN
    I would love to have access to a 60cc syringe - where did you find that?
    Me too, I need some for Jello shots!

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