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    When you drive to Walmart and don't remember how you got there or why you were going there in the first place.

    You get home and don't remember if you gave report.

    You don't remember where home is! I circled around and around before I finally gave in, called my dad and asked where am I going. LOL It's sad that he said, chicookie, that is the third time this month.
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    You do make it home--in one piece--but it takes over two hours because you have to stop every few blocks and catch a twenty minute nap in the nearest parking lot.

    I've done the fall asleep in the driveway thing, too. And once on the stairs; I sat down on the bottom stair to get enough energy to climb up to bed and ended up falling sound asleep. DH came home at lunch, thought I'd either passed out or fallen down the stairs and in the ensuing fracas, all I could wonder was why he'd woken me up and spoiled a perfectly good sleep--didn't he know I needed to go back to work that night?
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    After working nights once, my cousin decided to do an errand on the way home. The store wasn't open yet when she got there, so she decided to take a brief snooze in the car. She woke up at noon, looked around, realized where she was, laid down and went back to sleep.
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    After doing six noc's in a row and you finally get a day off. You head into town to hang out with chums, reach the bar take off your coat and you're in your uniform....
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    Quote from Ellean55
    Its always important to have days off. Working too many shifts can put your practice at risk and also the risk to your patients. As tempting as it is to work that extra 12 hours for a bit more cash - is simply not worth it at times.
    I once worked 17 nocs in a row. They tried to write me up for it, but I told them that THEY called ME saying they were desparate (they were), and I was soooo tired, I just crawled out of bed, showered and showed up. I did NOT remember working 3/4 of the days that I did.....scary. I work days now, but still would never do something stupid like that again.....
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    Most I've ever worked in a row (12 hr shifts) was 6. Never, ever again. I was so tired, if a pt had coded I'd have probably handed them the ambu bag and said, "well you wanted to do this, worked hard for, so you can just ventilate yourself...."
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    You put the accu check in your pocket and your cell phone the accu check case.
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    Quote from Straydandelion
    When you can't decide if you need to eat or sleep first and wind up waking up with your head laying beside a half eaten plate of food.
    That's better than waking up and finding you still have a bite of toast in your mouth.....
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    i actually do sleep at redlights, while working 24 hour shifts as a paramedic. we have a station but rarely get to spend anytime there. sometime we get so tired that we stop for greenlights. last shift i drove two hours to get to my daughters house wher my wife is visiting, thank g there are those lil coffee shots i put three in my large coffee, luckily the sun came up. often after shift i get home without remembering the drive. when RN school starts in august it will really be interesting.
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    Quote from Ellean55
    Its always important to have days off. Working too many shifts can put your practice at risk and also the risk to your patients. As tempting as it is to work that extra 12 hours for a bit more cash - is simply not worth it at times.
    ya think?.......
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    i did 2 months of 36 hrs on 36 hrs off 2 yrs ago. would never do that again. i feel sorry for my patients during that run, they got the bare minimum in care.

    i remember a few shift where me and my partner were awoken in the sitting in the ambulance by the oncoming crew we were two exhausted to get out of the truck, and needed the extra ten minutes of sleep.
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    i once (stupidly) did 21 fourteen hour shifts in a row.

    .i fell asleep AT THE REDLIGHT IN PITTSBURGH...

    and then i got so ill i had to take a full week off....

    my limit is now 8 days in a row.......

    what was i thinking $$$$$$$$$
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    . . .when you wake up the next morning and realize you parked your car in the neighbor's front yard. :uhoh21:

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