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  1. chellelynn25

    Is LOA the right answer?I

    I'm not asking for medical advice. Just the opinions of other nurses if any of them would be willing to offer them. A few months ago I posted a thread about how my boyfriend had been seriously ill and ended up in the ICU. He and I have since broken up. We had been having some issues before his illness but were trying to work on them. Well to make a long story short, he had been cheating and doing so for an extended period of time, including when he he was ill in the ICU. Anyways. I am currently working rehab its not my first love but I do enjoy my patients and where I work. But the past 6 months have really messed with my head. The break up, my grandfather recently passed away, my grandmother is fighting small cell lung cancer, etc. Trust me the amount of craziness in my life right now is ridiculous. I feel like with everything that has happened and is still happening that I am not doing my job effectively. My mind wonders quite frequently and as of lately I'm becoming distracted rather easily. I cant seem to remember things either, tonight I stood in front of the pixus because I could not remember my password. None of this fortunately as effected any of my patients. But I fear for them. I don't feel as tho I am incompetent but as tho my mind is just not in the right place to give them the time and attention that deserve. I know that it is begginning to show. Tonight the shift supervsior asked me if there was anything that I needed to talk about. She said that she had noticed that I had not been myself in some time. I didnt know what to say to her a million things ran thru my mind but I just muttered no I'm fine really. So I guess what I am wondering is that I should consider taking a leave of absence. To gather myself physically and emotionally. I know that I am not the nurse that I am capable of being right now. I do not want to jeaporadize anyones life because I am in funk. As anyone been in a simliar situation. Any inisght is greatly appreciated.
  2. chellelynn25

    soft clogs

    Scrubs Brand Clogs.. I know they are sold at The Shoe Department stores. Relatively inexpensive around $20 a pair. They are light and super comfortable. The Strap on them is also adjustable and can be worn around your heel or pushed forward.
  3. chellelynn25

    Medications in Rehab Just NOT Efficient

    I work rehab as well. My facility is lucky to have onsite pharmacy as well as a pixus (sp?).If we get a new order from a doc we usually just run it to the pharmacy and they bring it up and put in the pixus for us. But I have worked LTC for a long time before doing rehab and the way u described was how the meds there were also delivered. I can remember ordering things and having them not show up for days.
  4. chellelynn25

    Health care costs are RIDICULOUS!!!!

    My boyfriend was recently in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. The total amount of his stay was almost $170,000! Granted he spent the majority of his time in the MICU for 3,100 a day. Not to mention the stents that he had placed in his aorta we about 20,000 a pop and he had two of them. He also had a chest tube placed and those drainage systems are expensive! Not to mention numerous CT Scans, blood draws and chest x rays.. Plus for every 30 cc of Malox they gave him for his heartburn cost 4 dollars and some change a pop! It is craziness how hospitals can charge the patients that go them for help. Even if they do or dont have insurance.. Kinda scary!!
  5. chellelynn25

    Working in a "toxic" workplace

    LTC is care is a different kind of monster. Coming from a primarliy LTC background I feel your pain. Sadly you will always have those residents,family members, and staff that will make you job just that more difficult. I can not stress the impotance of documentation of enough for residents that have behaviors such as the ones you mentioned. It will help you in the long run trust me. LTC facilities typically are understaffed and overworked and I have left many a day feeling completly defeated. Continue to be the good nurse that you are and take care of your residents to the best of your ability. If you can leave at the end of the day and tell yourself that you did everything with in your power to help your residents thru the day even if it just taking someone to the bathroom then you have done your job.
  6. chellelynn25


    No one else in his family that he is aware of has been dx with Marfans.. But one of the docs that was a primary of his said that he is classic Marfans ie tall (he's 6'3), the long fingers and toes, scoliosis, stretch marks. People with Marfans also tend to have Triple As as well as issues with pneumothorax which he also had while in the hospital. But with that being all said.. He was mainly raised by his grandmother, his mother and he had not spoken in almost 5 years.. but when he got sick she wanted to play the mother role but he wanted no part of it. He's said that some of his family members all tall like he is but he doesnt know if any of them have technically been dx as Marfans.
  7. chellelynn25


    I'm a nurse on a SNU at a local hospital in my area. Two weeks ago while I was work I receieve a frantic phone call from my boyfriend telling me that he was having really bad chest pain.. He said at first he thought it was just his reflux acting up but after a Zantac that didnt work and increasing pain he knew it was something different. Being that we live literally only 5 minutes from the two local hospitals in our area. I got permission to take my lunch break and go pick him up so that he could be seen in the ER. His friend came to the ER with him so that he wouldnt have to be alone because he insisted that I return to work. After getting him registered in the ER I stayed and a few minutes returned to my own floor to continue working. I was worried and afraid but he had episodes like this before that normally subsided on there own. Long story short upon CT Scan he was noted to have Triple A. For cases like his my hospital transfers pts. to the university hospital. A phone call my friend who was working in the ER that night alerted me to what had come up.. I left work immediately and went to the hospital he was being transferred too. His BP was sky hight running 200s/100s he was shaking and sweaty and writhing in pain. He was admitted to CCU where he was started on mutilple medications to try and get his BP under control. The aneurysm was not at 5cm yet at which to be operable. The managed his pain and BP for two days in the CCU getting it under control. He was transferred to a step down unit on the 3rd day.. I stayed with him overnight in the hospital that night. His BP was being contiunally monitored and it began to rise again and his pain begain to increase due to his PCA pump being dc'd. He had a wonderful nurse who literally gave him everything that she was able to try and make him comfortable and control his pressure.. When those things didnt work he was taken for another CT Scan. which showed that the size of the aneurysm and increased and he would need to emergency surgery. Previous to this many Drs and gone over the possible outcomes of having the surgery done. All of which you all know are scary and for someone who had never been sick in their life never taken and kind of medicine other than for refluz my boyfriend was petrified.. I held his hand and stayed with him untill the asked me to leave so they could finish prepping him from surgery. His surgery took 4 hours the entire time I paced the floor and tried to keep myself from loosing my mind. When it was over his surgeon came to talk to me and told me that it had gone well and that I would be able to see him as soon as he got back to the CCU. About 20 minutes after talking to the surgeon a nurse came to get me he had woken up and was scared because I wasnt there.. I have seen people come out of anesthesia before but it is something totally different to see someone who you love with your life go thru things that normally wouldnt make me think twice.. Two days later his lung collapsed and he had to have chest tube placed.. The Dr that came to tell us about his need of the chest tube was about the most insincere physcian I have dealt with.. She literally said to me you must not want him to get better bc to me it sounds like you are trying to talk him out of having a procedure will save his life. I tried to keep my calm I deal w physicians on a regular basis and know that this is just par for the course for some of them. But what I really wanted to say was Im not some medically naive person that you are speaking too. Secondly I have never even seen you before who are you to say something like that too me. You have not been the one sitting here day and night.. Feeding him, bathing him making him comfortable when your hospital staff his no where to be found. After all of the previous 8 days later he was released from the hospital. He continues to have sever pain in his legs from an unknown cause. He goes for a EMG on Wed, and then also a neuroology appt in a few weeks. He is in constant fear that he is going to die now even tho I reassure him constantly that he is getting better but it will be a slow process but things will work.. He was also said to have Marfan Syndrom while in the hospital. I am trying really hard I am stressed beyond my limit.. I go to work for 8 hours and then do it all over again.. I have frequent nightmares where I dream about everything that he went thru. I see arterial lines, heart monitors, foleys, miles and miles of IV tubing in them. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking I hear the alarm that sounded when his BP went beyone certain paramters. I was off of work the entire that he was hospitailized. The sight of a pink hospital blanket on my first day back litterally almost made physically ill. My hands are shaky and my mind foggy.. I feel like I cant safely take care of my own pts. bc of having such a poor experience at the hospital that is was in. I'm begginnng to second guess my self. I have always been sure of myself now I dont feel so sure.. I know that there was no way that I would have been able to know that he had a Triple A. But in the back of my head I keep thinking if I missed this with him what am I missing with my own pts. I apologize for the length. Have any other nurses out there been thru something like this before and if so how did you deal with it. thank you in advance
  8. chellelynn25


    I'm going to defend myself a bit here mainly because everyone has decided to tear me a new one. The phone call made to my former friend was made to her cellphone, I asked her what was up? Did not curse at her. She stated that she didn't know anything about the situation. I took it at that I did not ask or try to pry information from her. I know that nursing has no rule over dietary and that there wouldn't have been anything that she could have done anyway. I DID NOT ask her to act on my boyfriends behalf in anyway, I was simply a friend calling a friend because I was upset over a situation. I've admitted fully that it was wrong of me to call her I've acknowledged that. Hindsight is 20/20. In the end there was no evidence that my boyfriend did anything wrong and he was called back to work. I get the fact that she is management, but at that point in time it was not employee calling supervisor, poor judegment on my part yes. But I am going to reinforce the fact that I did not threaten anyone.
  9. chellelynn25


    My SO and I work in the same facility. I'm and LPN he works in dietary. We have kept things nothing but professional, him doing his job and me doing mine. Occasionally we would end up on lunch break together, considering we both smoke and there is only one place to do so. On Monday he was suspended on suspicion of stealing supplies from the kitchen. Which he did NOT do. I was off that day because I'm dealing with cellutiits. He called me and went to come and pick him up so I did. I was off on Tue and Wed. When I found he had been suspend I called a friend of mine well former friend who is management we were friends before she became and RN and got her new position, to ask her what the hell was going on. She said she didnt know and I took it at that. Yesterday I get a voicemail from my DON saying she needs to speak with me before I come to work today. I called her back and she proceeded to tell me that I was suspended pending further investigation for threatening and intimadating a supervisor. WHAT!?!? She said that I violated policy and procedure for asking questions about my SO being suspended. I get that, that was wrong of me I'm not denying that. But intimadation and threaths? Give me a break please. I know more get off the phone with the DON and my SO receives a call from his supervisor saying that they did not substaniate the accusation of him stealing and that he could return to work. They even apologized to him. So I'm being suspended for standing up for my boyfriend for something that they decided he didnt even do! I'm willing to admit that I was wrong and shouldnt have called. But in my head I wasn't calling my friend as an employee but as a friend looking for answers. I'm not suspended for my job performance or medication errors or anything that has to do withn the way I do my work, but for being concerned for someone that I care about. What really hurts that she was my friend long before she was a supervisor and I was there for her when no one else was. I don't know why she twisted what I asked her and went to the DON. I'm hurt and confused and worried for my livlihood.
  10. chellelynn25

    Does your day shift have food days?

    I work dayshift and usually about once a month or so we do a potluck day when everyone brings something in. Like this month it was salad people brought things to make salad and some people even made there own. dayshift at my facility is a pretty close group. we all look out for each other and feed one another from time totime. lol
  11. chellelynn25

    Most common LTC meds

    Let's see: Depakote,Seroquel,Risperdal,ASA,Colace,Senna,Bisacodyl,Mirlax,Lasix,K-dur.Lopressor,Diovan,Atenolol,Nitro Patches,Duragesic Patches,Klonopin.Lortab,Ativan,Xanan,Ambien,Ultram,aricept,namenda, excelon patch,Kadian,Clonidine,Norvasc,Lexapro,Celexa,Wellbutrin,Effexor,Coreg,Dig,Cardizem,Remeron,Alavert, Vitamin C Os-cal +D, sinemet,vesicare,coumadin,Abilify,Vimpat,Immodium,Welchol,Zyprexa,Zoloft,Aldactone,
  12. chellelynn25

    laryngectomy pt with PEG-tube

    I recently had a pt 2 years s/p laryngectomy and peg-tube placement admitted to my unit. She came to my facility on minimal meds and an order for Glucerna 2.1 240ml 4xs daily. She came to my facility after a lengthy stay in the hospital after she had become depressed and stopped giving full amounts of feed. She now weighs 74.6 lbs She communicates with a pad and a pen, and IMO is the cutest, friendliest little lady I have had placed on my unit in a while. Now she is in better spirits and at my facility to rehab home. My question is this. Has anyone ever had a pt or placed pureed foods, i.e. ice cream jello soup etc down their tube? She says this something that she used to due at home. She says that the Glucerna does not "fill" her up and gives her diarrhea. I suggested that I get an order to increase the Glucerna but she declined. She is A and O x3. Our house MD gave me an order for a dietary and Speech therapy consult to address it. I feel terrible for her b/c she frequently complains that she is hungry in between tube feeds. She is basically self care she does all trach care herself including suction. Anyone have any input?
  13. chellelynn25

    Namenda/Aricept/Excelon...is it worth it?

    I think that drugs like Namenda,Aricept and Excelon are pretty much a joke in the long term. They may work for a short period of time, but personally I see no long term improvement. I've worked long term care for going on 2 years and many of residents are prescribed these meds. People who are so far demented that they no longer walk, talk or reconize family members. I n my facility meds such as Xanax,Ativan and Risperdal occas Seroquel are used to control behaviors. I've seen our house MD order a Namenda taper for a 96 year old woman whose dementia was so progressive that it in my opnion was completly usless. Only when he ordered 12.5 of Risperdal IM q 2weeks and 1.5 of po risperdal daily did her behaviors even change in the slightest. The po form was recently DCD and she's back to throwing things at staff and trying to escape the building.
  14. chellelynn25

    New LPN, this is HARD. Need advice.

    LTC is a monster of its own kind and dont take that as a bad thing. Because I feel you. I'm also a LPN in LTC facilty I started my nursing career in LTC as well. It takes time to develope a routine and figure out what works for you. Eventually you will find a way of doing things that makes the process go by smoothly. It may take some time but eventually it will happen. There are always going to be times when you feel overwhelmed and would like to scream but with experience and a little bit of time under your belt you will be fine. And even if 15 things happen at once you wont be stressed out. You just need to figure out what works for you.
  15. chellelynn25

    Describe the Ugliest Scrubs You Have Seen!

    I once worked with a nurse who wore zebra printed underwear under white scrub pants. I did a double take to make sure I saw what I thought I had. Same nurse also wore baby poop green scrubs that were about 2 sizes too small oh yea and star wars scrubs home sewn