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Funniest/weirdest/most unusual baby names - page 42

Hi all! As many of you know by now, Kim Kardashian had her baby. As if you couldn't miss all the annoying coverage over every single detail. They named that poor kid North West. What are some... Read More

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    Quote from beachmom
    Thanks for this terrific link! Right up my alley! ROFLMAO! I LOVED it!
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    (Pronounced "espen")

    Dad must have been way into sports.
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    Quote from Janey496
    (Pronounced "espen")

    Dad must have been way into sports.
    I just saw this today as a pt...
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    A urology practice in a town I used to drive through had the best sign ever;
    Urology Associates, Doctors Long, Black, and Stiff. Sadly, Dr. Long has moved on and it's no longer as amusing
    As a cashier many years ago, I was handed a check from Mr. Dick Felatio(one L short, but you get the idea)-he said "Don't laugh" as he handed it to me...
    I know a couple who have 2 daughters: Kai (pronounce with a long I) and their oldest is Kailey (pronounced Kay-lee). They get SOOO angry when someone says Ka-I-lee instead
    Know a kid named John Andrew, mom freaked out when I said I was calling about John, because his name is Jack, but, you know, not really or legally. Sorry that I did not know your child's name was actually something other than what you named your child...
    While doing my NICU rotation I encountered:
    Special K -yep, like the drug or maybe the cereal?
    JD and DJ- twin girls, no meaning, not short for anything just letters

    And my parents thought my children's Irish names were strange
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    A couple of twin girls. Their names? La-a and La/a. Pronounced "la-dash-a" and "la-slash-a".
    Really?! How do you fill out a scantron? Pretty sure there are no punctuation options to bubble in.
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    I went to high school with a David Daves (who went by Dave) and a Russell Brown... who went by Rusty.
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    One of my college professors was William A. Williams, and a popular TV announcer where I lived for many years was Bill (one assumes also William) Williams.
    When I worked neonatal, we had a baby girl come through named Chivas Aspen. Someone joked that perhaps those were the circumstances of her conception. Then there were the two daughters born to the same couple about 18 months apart, Camry Pearl and Castle Estelle.

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