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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with multiple medical issues, and as we... Read More

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    Its kinda like gallows, cop or dark humor sometime. You gotta laugh or you would cry. Sometimes it is just too funny not to laugh. The Doctor that remarked that the KARMA had caught up to him was speaker truer words than he realized!! maybe there is hope for him. Some Docs just don't see how they portray themselves so very much better than anyone else. It is good to know they have feet of clay like the rest of us very human NURSES. Lord knows, we do funny things daily. Of course, only a another nurse might find some of them funny, but hey, that's ok!!

    Anyway, if the posts offend anyone, I am sorry. The header "Nursing humor" is a tip-off. Please read them in the spirit they are intended, and if you cannot, perhaps there are other threads you would be more interested in.
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    I work for an ob/gyn and sometimes in the older female patient he would test the urethra by place a small q-tip and have them cough to see if the range the q-tip moved. I always handed him the supplies. I was not thinking and I put the ky jelly on the Qtip handed it to him and she coughed ! I was not thinking by handing him a hollow barrel Qtip so when she coughed the urine flew threw the Qtip (like blowing water threw a straw) right in his face! It took EVERYTHING I had not to laugh, he calmly stood up excused himself into the bathroom and washed his face!
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    Talk about a snappy comeback
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    Quote from GitanoRN
    his Pianki fountain Silver pen fell to the floor, as he bend over to pick it up, we all heard a loud rip coming from his pants The patient said without missing a beat "doc your gonna need some stitches" everyone in the room bit their tongue from LOL. Needless to say from that moment on he became more human.
    Now that's a snappy comeback
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    Good Lord.

    Great stuff, people.

    I started this thread in general but hadn't seen it in some time so... I figured it had died. Alas, it got "moved."

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    Quote from Rikki's Number
    This type of stuff is funny?

    Why yes. Yes it is.
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    Had a neurosurgeon who was consistently a jerk. Think I've only ever heard him speak civilly to the nurses one time. So, there he was, out in the hallway, yelling at this poor little GN, when the patient he'd just been in to see yells from their bed. "$#@! up and leave that poor girl alone, you ***hole!"

    Doc just stood there blinking for a second, then turned and walked away. Nobody BREATHED until we saw him get on the elevator. Then we all DIED laughing.
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    OB/GYN doc came running to an emergency, from an on-call room in his boxers. They were long, thankfully, and he was intercepted at the nurses desk before he went into the triage room. It was hilarious.
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    Great stories!! I'm laughing sooo hard at the "frosted like a cake" story. LOL

    I was in my L&D clinical rotation, observing a doctor (who was VERY nice, by the way) giving a little man a circumcision. Doctor snips, and looks away for all of two seconds... and the baby pees right in his face. We all lost it.
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