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UdonNomi has 25 years experience and specializes in LTC/MDS/PPS.

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  1. UdonNomi

    Lamar State College LVN to RN

    It's no longer a prereq, you take it as one of the first courses in the program.
  2. Says we need webcam for monitoring during exams, havent heard of any other though. Guess we'll fing out when the letters are out.
  3. UdonNomi

    Lamar State College LVN to RN

    Will be starting the June Class, anyone else in the San Antonio area?
  4. Just waitin on my acceptance letter, which they swear will be out "latter this month". Am also stil waiting to hear if my employer has received their "partnership" packet. Times gettin close.
  5. UdonNomi

    Changing Surgical Scrubs

    You can pretty much count on anytime the facility says it's "mandatory" they have to pay you to do it. Same story with the "mandatory" payday meetings in the LTC industry in Texas.
  6. UdonNomi

    Date my Doctor/Employer?

    I'd be more worried about what his wife would do than HIPPA.
  7. UdonNomi


    I worked about an year for an organization that used PCC, I liked it, it had the ability to cross communitcate info betweeen admin, staff and nursing. The company was very responsive and worked hard to be innovative, keeping up with the times, they didn't seem to settle for just something that worked. I wish my current company put as much forethought in the choice of their software.
  8. UdonNomi

    Working as an Independnet CPR/First Aid Instructor

    I think you're on to something good, but wish you would reconsider alignment with the AHA, sure they're a PIA..but, from the stand point of product to sell, they have the lions share of the market. I was an instructor several years ago, once I did their cert course I had to purchase the cards for my students. That and the rental for Annie was the only overhead, and you can cover the card cost in the fee to the student. Selling (which is really what you're doing) a certification to Joe's Small Wickets is alot easier if you have the "Biggest and Best" (in Joe's knowledge) product out there. It's an image, you provide the substance. Good Luck.
  9. UdonNomi

    Needle Sticks

    I got "harpooned" once by my co-worker who tossed an IV needle at the same time I was reaching for something. Our patient had just recovered from a crytospora infection (plus he was nuetropenic). I was a bit freaked out the first few days following, but that was over 15 years ago now....make sure you get your blood tests when scheduled, goes along way to giving you confidence.
  10. UdonNomi

    MDS Certification class in TX?

    AANAC and TASHA is sponsoring a class in Ft Worth in September, there was an earlier one, but appears to have been canceled. Here's a link http://www.tahsa.org/index.cfm?act=frontpage.cfm&name=MDS+RACC+2009 While you can do the program online, you can't get the experience and insight of the presenters, I will be doing my recert there, highly recommend it.
  11. I dunno, 'course you'd have to regain your license and competentcy...but I think you'd be an exceptional candidate because of your experience. Our facility would certianly like to find several such nurses. Go for it and don't look back.
  12. UdonNomi

    CLEP Sociology

    I did the test last year, piece o cake. Also search FlashCards.com (IIRC) for more study questions.
  13. UdonNomi

    Pay raise with the current financial crisis in the US

    A more realistic look at the situation could be argued that with the ongoing devaluatio0n of the dollar, you should receive a 20% increase to adjust for the Fed cranking out bills like there's no tomorrow. A change some hoped for.
  14. UdonNomi

    What's the craziest order you've ever seen?

    I've seen a couple.. From a Doc holding clinic in a state prison "DNS. NFT. Return to cell" ("Don't need S**t, Not a F*****g thing"...he wound up explaining that order to the state. The funniest one I've ever taken. I wrote and sent the order to the Doc. "Per MBSS, honey thickened liquids at all times, crush meds, may mix to thicken" (per our unit protocol). Doc (an old codger), writes back in large block letters....THIS WOMAN IS NOT TO HAVE HONEY, SHE IS DIABETIC.
  15. UdonNomi

    Tile to rugs question

    We've had good luck by dual coding the 60 / 90 day MCRA with a off cycle/quarterly..when this shows up in the portal you should be able to pull the LTCMI. Just remember that in these particular cases that your Medicaid entry date is driven by the 3618/19 date and not the R2b date.
  16. UdonNomi

    How long did it take you for LPN-RN through EC?

    DW finished in just over 11 months, looks like I'm going to go about 18 months (been waiting for a cpne date at a particular location since Sept, so could have possibly been shorter). Keep your focus, and (unlike me) don't be too picky and you should be able to knock it out pretty fast.