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  1. Question for fellow Emergency Nurse Practitioners

    So I'm a new NP and ENP and I'm struggling to pick up the standard 2 patient's per hours, granted I'm probably only 10 shifts in since starting. I know eventually I'll get faster, but just wondering what other's experiences have been? Were you as slo...
  2. I know we could all go back and fourth debating the science there but just kinda taking a poll wondering who's prescribing them, seems taboo in my workplace.
  3. Vanderbilt FNP/ENP program

    Oh no, not at either program sorry.
  4. Which Religions Exempt Covid Vaccinations?

    "politically conservative white males"??????? Has society convinced you it's okay to make implications about one groups race and political affiliation but not another? how would you feel if someone said "liberal black females" would that be any more/...
  5. Religious Exemptions

    Wow that Conway health paper is so passive aggressive especially parts like your "sincerely held beliefs". I can't believe a document that comes across so passive aggressive was sent into circulation. My guess is that it was written by one occupatio...
  6. Not getting paid to chart?

    Has anyone ever heard of not getting paid to chart? Every nurse I've ever worked with doesn't clock out until they finish charting. So if you had a crazy shift and have 2 hours of charting at the end you basically clock 14 hours. Are there places tha...
  7. Benadryl and Inapsine

    Wait you don't ever give Zofran because you saw a rare scenario one time where somebody had an adverse reaction to it?
  8. Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

  9. Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    Hi Kooky Korky, Of course there's no NEED to start every sentence with "so" there's no NEED to start your sentence with any particular word. But I chose to use the word "so" in a couple sentences (didn't realize anyone was counting). ...
  10. Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    Not sure if you're referencing me but I'm not concerned about loosing my skills. That's not why I was considering helping them with their RN shortage. It's a long explanation as to why I've been considering it (I'll spare you the details) but my main...
  11. Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    So I do work as an NP two days per week at the clinic but they've offered that if I want more hours I can have them but it's for a nurse position doing infusions. In other words I could pick up a third day as strictly an RN. So their argument i...
  12. Legally can I mix RN/NP roles?

    So I work at a place where I was originally employed as an RN and then when I became and NP I was hired for that role as well. So I mostly work in my NP role but will occasionally work a shift as an RN there. Now I know those roles cannot m...
  13. Paid to Chart?

    Hm okay thanks what about if you're a 1099 (independent contractor) employee, does that make a difference?
  14. Scary Paranoid Thought

    But if someone was doing that with your name, how would you know? Is there any database you can check to see what prescriptions "you" have called in? I realize this is unlikely but medication fraud does happen still.
  15. Paid to Chart?

    Any NP's that work in a clinic setting (who are not salaried) that get paid to chart? For example if your day is 8-5 but it was packed with no time to chart and you have to spend time charting after.