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  1. paramedic-RN

    Vanderbilt FNP/ENP program

    I'm currently in an FNP/ENP program, I have some thoughts on pro/cons but it's kind of a broad question, can you narrow down your question a bit?
  2. paramedic-RN

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Psych nurse I agree with that other guy..... you're missing the point. There is no data.............yet......we can all agree on that. Maybe one day there will be. However right now we have many many opinions to the point that it is becoming common opinion that NP"s are incompetent. I've worked with some amazing NP's but I've also worked with some terrifying one who I know for a fact went to diploma mill schools. The way I hear physicians talk about NP's in the last few years is not the same way they use to talk about NP's, there's definitely been a shift. We want the best for the NP profession and these diploma mills are ruining the reputation of NP's. As someone else said no study's does not equal "I'm right" There's no study's on "does salt make food taste better" but it common opinion that it does.
  3. paramedic-RN

    Nurse Practitioner - Emergency Nurse Practitioner

    If you've never worked in the ED I suggest you start getting some ED experience as an RN, it will help you decide if that's the route you really want to take and give you some ED experience. Also if you're going to get you're FNP and have little to no ED experience, make sure you do an ENP program. I have ED experience as an RN and am currently about to finish my FNP and half way through my ENP program.
  4. paramedic-RN

    I'm a Student not an Employee

    I get it, students slow you down..... I greatly appreciate any preceptor willing to take me on because I know it will slow them down. Which is why I do what I can to offset that for example, I'll chart for them (which is common among NP students). Or I may offer to do little things here and there in the office that I know help the staff..... but I'm at a place right now that is treating me and the other NP students more like employees. It's expected that we chart and send prescriptions (which I'm fine with, that's great practice) but what I'm not so okay with is the other stuff: get urine sample, run UA's, give vaccines, assist with procedures (in the way an MA would-not like doing the procedures just handing the doctor stuff), obtaining labs, etc. Overall, I'm not THAT bothered by it because I don't plan on working in the field (of the place I'm doing these rotations) and the staff is really nice, but is kinda the principle you know? I'm supposed to be doing NP student stuff all day, not nurse stuff all day, I'm not practicing to be a nurse. Time I spend doing those tasks is taking away from my NP student tasks. Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.
  5. So my goal at this point in my career is to get trauma center experience. I have a job offer for a level 1 and a level 2, both are similar in a lot of way, pay etc. So I'm trying to decide. My only concern with a level 1 is I heard that typically level 1's have certain teams or staff that are always assigned to the critical care/crash rooms and that it takes a while to get onto those teams/staffing. I'm only going to be working at either place for about a year so I want to get as much critical care experience in that time as possible. So do you think if I pick the level 1 I won't even be very close to the action since I likely won't be in the critical care/crash room areas for a long time? If that's the case I might go with the level 2.
  6. paramedic-RN

    What company should I work for?

    Hello, I'd like to work from home for now, not really sure what all my options are but telephone triage seems like a good choice. What companies are good? What companies should I avoid? Also is there anything you wish you knew before working in telephone triage?
  7. paramedic-RN

    Headache from N95

    So mild hypercapnia can cause headaches among other symptoms. And wearing a facial covering for hours on end can cause hypercapnia; which seems obvious to me but if anyone wants 'proof' just Google it or check out the article I put below . I definitely experience headaches while wearing the mask. I would never be able to take a nursing job that required constant mask wear like the OR and I'm shocked that anyone does. I guess the mask doesn't bother some people as much? Maybe some people just have a physiology better suited to compensate for hypercapnia? Therefore maybe they experience less symptoms. Anyone else get headaches from the mask? Carbon dioxide re-breathing with close fitting face respirator masks
  8. paramedic-RN

    MD signature on verbal orders????

    I can't seem to find a clear statement on this within the Texas BON stuff. If I'm working in the outpatient setting (med spa) where there is no medicare/medicaid/CMS etc. is a MD signature needed on a verbal order?
  9. paramedic-RN

    Front Desk Refusing to .......

    I'm running into so much frustration trying to find a preceptor the biggest hurdle has been trying to get past the clinical practice managers and front desk people. Our school told us 'the clinical practice managers will rarely get back to you so go directly to the site and give your resume directly to the provider' so I've gone to at least 10 sites attempting that and have been met with so much hubris from the front desk people. I'll politely introduce myself and explain that I"m a student, etc., my school instructed us to have these forms handed directly to the provider And they'll say something like "oh no this has to go to the clinical practice manager" and I'll be like "no I've already reached out to them and not heard back please just hand this to the provider" and they'll say they can't. As far as I"m concerned that's basically mail, you don't screen their mail so why are you screening a document that I"m just asking you to hand to them, let the provider do the screening. So frustrated, still no preceptor, not even sure half of them got the resumes I dropped off.
  10. paramedic-RN

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Whoa whoa whoa, you're totally missing my point which I why I said in my post, but I'll reiterate here, I don't have any problem calling a doctor 'doctor', and I have a ton of respect for doctors and love the doctors I work with. But you're just blind if you can't see the subtle classism that exists in the hospital, why do you think that's there?! Why is the average nurse hesitant to page a physician sometimes? Are you even familiar with 'to err is human' where this exact problem was identified? There was one hospital which was so bad (in this area) that nurses in the OR were afraid to speak up during time out if a problem was identified during time out and that hospital had many 'wrong limb' errors in their operations. My goal here is to open the discussion on the psychology of this issue. And again where I discuss sleeping rooms and parking spots it's in regard to MD's on 12 hour shifts and MD's working at that hospital not MD's that are moving around to different facilities all day. Mini I see that you've been a nurse for one year so perhaps you haven't been exposed to this yet. Also what is "SJW"?
  11. paramedic-RN

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    I hear ya and I hope that's not the impression I gave off. I'm currently working on my masters and agree with you to an extent but in a different way. I haven't really noticed that among nurses but I have among just regular people (that haven't gone to college) who downplay how much work is involved in just getting a bachelors (especially one in health science, biology, chemistry, etc.)
  12. paramedic-RN

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Interesting and to be clear I have no problem calling any Doctor...doctor. As I said in my post I have great respect for doctors but there's definitely a psychological component at play in the nurse doctor interaction and I'm curious what kind of things feed into that.
  13. paramedic-RN

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Oh wow now that's crazy. I worked on a unit where we had like 10 COW's just for MD's and every time the MD's rounded they would never use the COW's that were "off-limits" to the nurses but instead always take up a nurses charting area lol. (insert face-palm emoji) Again no hate here for the MD's, just starting a discussion.
  14. paramedic-RN

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Interesting point but who's making theses decisions? Doctors aren't usually the ones building hospitals so what makes a hospital CEO say I think the doctors should park right next to the door or have a fully stocked lounge? I doubt doctors are calling up hospital CEO's who are building a hospital to ask for premium parking spots so why does that just automatically happen? And I agree with you on the 24 hour shifts but I"m talking about 12 hours shifts.
  15. paramedic-RN

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    This is not at all meat to be a rant about doctors, I have a ton of respect for doctors and love the doctors I work with but my boyfriend made a recent observation about how hospitals play into the classist separation of nurses and doctors I thought it was an interesting point that I just wanted to share. At my hospital all the ER nurses have to park in the garage then walk to the hospital but the ER physicians have premium spots right next to the ambulance bay. Why can’t they park in the garage with the rest of us? Our “doctor’s lounge” is fully stocked with free snacks and a mini buffet all the time. There’s no “nurse lounge” just break rooms. At many free standing ER’s and small ER’s there is a “sleeping room” for the doctors and I’m not talking about an “on call” room I’m talking about the doctors who are like on the clock working that shift. Why don’t nurses get to nap on night shift? Sure someone has to stay awake but the nurses could take turns napping. Why are physicians formally addressed as Dr..(last name) but nurses aren’t formally addressed as Nurse (last name). Why is it blasphemy to call a physician by their first name but not a nurse by their first name? All these little details add up and subconsciously play on the psychology of nurses and doctors so it’s not surprise when you hear a near who’s hesitant to page a physician because she doesn’t want to “bother” them with an order they forgot to put in! Or nurses that are scared to question physicians over an order. Do you guys see any other examples of this in your hospital?
  16. paramedic-RN

    Can I be your student?

    Okay thanks for the replies, my only hesitation about seeing them in person is that I think it kind of puts them on the spot. They may feel pressured to say yes while an email or voicemail would give them time to think and formulate a response.